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Scrumptious Skillet

March 10, 2023

What’s better than eating your own personal little skillet cookies with your friends? Eating your own little personal skillet cookie AND a giant skillet cookie made to serve 6 people with your two friends!

This Christmas, I was blessed with one of the best gifts that I, a WOMAN, could get: a cast-iron skillet.

The fact that I am a woman and this is the best gift for me is a total coincidence, I swear. I’m sure many other women would love to receive a snow blower or new power drill, but when I felt that dense, weighted, beautiful pan that was heavy enough to kill a man, I knew that I had unlocked a whole new world. However, one drawback of the cast-iron is that it is so heavy and intense that it would scratch up my stupid weak electric stovetop, so I can only use it for oven ventures.
It was always my intention to make a skillet cookie, preferable with someone because of the size of my skillet, but even if I’d have to make and eat it alone, I was willing to face that challenge.

Luckily for me, my dear dear friends and fellow juniors Willow Danehy and Dara Patten were willing to aid me in my cookie conquest; and even luckier for me, Willow had her OWN mini little skillets to make smaller, even more personalized little cookies. After a quick trip to the Dollar General for some essential ice-cream AND whipped cream, plus some cool car decals, we were ready to start baking.

The mini cookies were absolutely fantastic and ideal for if you’d ever want a little treat to yourself and don’t want to make a whole cookie. It was safe to say that after our own cookies we were sufficiently full, but I was intent on breaking in my pan, so just mere minutes after our appetizer course of cookies, the main dish came out: more cookies.

We didn’t put too much of a dent in the big cookie, despite eating until we physically felt sick and couldn’t anymore. Sadly, a great amount of the cookie ended up in the trash, and after lying down and groaning in pain for a while on my floor, I decided that we needed to get up and move outside for a bit to help in our digestion. To end this wonderful day of dough, the three of us played some frisbee and soccer, simultaneously I might add, and although that isn’t a step in the recipe, I would highly recommend it to anyone that makes these cookies.

I will also add that it is ESSENTIAL to immediately eat this cookie and burn your mouth. But don’t worry, the ice-cream that you also HAVE to add will help soothe your scorched taste buds. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

*This recipe gives an amount for how many chocolate chips to add, but I recommend measuring with your heart, only YOU decide what is enough chocolate for you.  I’d also recommend using some copped up chocolate bars for more puddle of chocolate.  And don’t forget, other chocolatey candies like M&Ms are completely on the table, make it your own!

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