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May 22, 2023

I want you to close your eyes and let me paint you a picture.  It’s a warm sunny August day.  You’re enjoying your final days of summer before the new year, perhaps you’ve even already had a few preseason practices for your sport.  The town is abuzz with parents and you’re messing around with some of your teammates.  Soon, you will take the field and take in the praise of all the parents simply for participating in a sport.  Now for the cherry on top, or in the middle, you get a nice slice of homemade pie and a little beverage to end the 30 minutes of bliss you just partook in: Pie Night.

This night of sport and sweets is one of my most looked forward to events of every summer and school year, but not all people see it that way.  For those of you who have been living under a rock and are still confused by that word picture I just made, Pie Night is simply a short 30 minute event held at the stadium just before the start of school to pay homage to all the seniors and athletes of the fall sports, plus pie.  It is a uniquely Knoch thing and one of my main sources of school pride.

However, there are some that consider this night “dumb” or “lame”, but I believe that this is absolutely unfair to this fun festivity and too negative.  

First off, there is absolutely nothing “bad” about this night, only positives.  It gives recognition to student athletes, it gives you a chance to see all the people you haven’t seen in months, it’s super short (too short in my opinion), and food is provided!  There was the disaster this past year of running out of pie before the students could get any, which I do recognize is a major bummer and a bit of an outrage, but this was a one time thing.  Also, if you were really that determined to get pie, like myself, you could’ve made a dash to the pie table as soon as you were dismissed and scooped up the last slice, which is exactly what I did.  I guess I’m part of the problem of someone else being pie-less, but hey, you just didn’t want it bad enough.

Don’t even try to complain about having to waste your time being there, let’s be real, you didn’t really have anywhere better to be.  Also, time having fun isn’t time wasted!!!

It all comes down to the mindset you have going into it.  You have to appreciate it for what it is, and what it is is awesome.  If you are already trying to seem super cool and being all “Oh this is so boring I could be anywhere else but here and probably be eating better pie”, not only are you ruining it for yourself, but everyone else around you.  So please, keep your bad vibes to yourself, you probably prefer cake to pie anyways.  It isn’t going to be a super hype pep rally or some kind of rock concert or rager, but it is an event of community and school spirit, which we are seriously lacking lately.  You just have to appreciate it for how very niche and ridiculous and strange it is.  Who else out here on a late summer evening congregated for pie and paper cartons of orange juice just to clap for a bunch of sports??  No one.  That’s what makes it so beautiful.

I hope some of you Debbie Downers and Pie-hating Penelopes out there change your tune on Pie Night and are able to enjoy it this year, because if you have to be somewhere, why wouldn’t you at least try to enjoy yourself?  Especially my fellow future seniors, this is our last slice!  I can guarantee you, I will be soaking in every minute of the crusty, fruity fun, and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be ending my night with a slice of some of Knoch’s finest pie, whether it’s pumpkin, cherry, or even strawberry rhubarb.  Stay Pie-nominal Knoch.

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Oh hey! My name is Lara Ejzak, and I am a super (cool) senior here at Knoch. I am involved in tennis, German club, history club, and Youth and Government.  I am still making atrocious puns and baked goods that just don't quit! I write articles about school and whatnot, but my specialty is any article that allows me to spew my opinion everywhere because I am always right.  I'm a sucker for a good mango or raspberry, and I am still out on a hunt to find the best apples, so hit me up if you know of any.

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