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A Mythbusters reboot: Twin addition

A Mythbusters reboot: Twin addition

November 19, 2018




plural noun: twins of two children or animals born at the same birth.

  1. Something containing or consisting of two matching or corresponding parts, in particular.


The first myth I would like to break about twins is that there is no “Twin Telepathy”.  I know this may come as a shock to many but it is not a thing.

Now with that out of the way, hi, I am Lillie Leasure and I have a twin brother Larry.  Growing up with a sibling the same age as you is let me just say….interesting.

Don’t get me wrong… I am so blessed to have a twin just because I always had someone around to play with and talk to.  But, he is also Always Around!

The second myth is that we are the same person.  We have our own individual thoughts and ideas.  Also, we count as two separate people in case you were wondering.  We have our own birth certificates.

For example, someone once asked me if we would have to take two separate drivers permit tests?  Like no, we share a permit.  Of course we had to take two separate tests.

Also many people compare us in grades, sports, and personalities.  For example, if we would have the same teacher at different times, the teacher would expect us to act and get the same grade as the other.  Just because Larry is good at math does not mean I am.

When we were younger, we would always play together and not fight too often.  Our mother would also dress us in the same clothes when we were younger.

With us being in 11th grad,e we often get asked about our future and college. And as for us going to the same college, I highly doubt it, which is weird to think about because we have always been together.  We have lived in the same house for 16 years at this time.

Another thing about having a sibling the exact same age is we hit major milestones at the same time.  For example we both turned 16 over the summer which means that we were able to get our driver’s permits.  We have to split our driving time so one of us may drive to somewhere and the other will drive home.

When you have a twin, you learn how to share very well.

Third myth is that all twins look alike.  We all do not, there are such things as faternal twins, which means we were born at the same time, but we are not identical.

Fourth myth is that all twins are each other’s best friends.  Some twins may be each other’s best friends, but in my case, that is just not true.  Larry and I fight too much to be best friends.

Some common things that Larry and I fight about are the TV channel, taking the dog out, doing the laundry/dishes, being too loud, being in each other way, who’s Adidas pants/soccer shirts are whose, who’s driving, food, cleaning the house, and finally wearing the same clothes (who has to change/who had the outfit on first).

Fifth myth is that twins are attached at the hips and do everything together.  Like I said earlier, just because we are born on the same day does not mean we do everything together.

Also, if we are ever wearing the same shirt or something, trust me we did not do it on purpose.  My mom used to dress us in identical outfits when we were baby’s so we got enough of that when we were little.

The sixth myth is that we have the same exact interests.  I am interested in music, soccer, photography, writing, reading, and history.  Larry is interested in math, science, music, soccer, construction, and hunting.  And even though some of our interests are the same, many more are different.

The seventh myth is that we can feel each other’s pain.  Who even came up with this one?  Half of the time, we are probably causing each other pain.  So, why would we do that if we feel each other’s pain?

One more fun fact about me and Larry is we have never had a birthday party or day to ourselves; it is always our birthday.  Even in school, because we have a summer birthday, everyone would celebrate our birthday on the same day.

Also, I am the older twin by one minute.

Even though he is annoying sometimes and a pain in the butt, I literally don’t know what life would be like without him.

See below a slideshow of picture, and interviews with my parents and brother.

Parents Interview

  1. What was your reaction when you found out you were having twins?

Dad- Told the lady that was doing the sonogram to look around and make sure there wasn’t anymore.

Mom- Shocked but not really because I had a feeling it was twins.

  1. What was the family’s reaction when they found out you were having twins?

Dad- Very excited.  Told my father but to keep it a secret because I wanted to tell my mother on her birthday, but he ended up telling everyone.

Mom- My side thought it was funny because they kept telling us that we were going to have twins

  1. Was it hard to raise two kids of the same age at one time?

Dad- I worked a lot to be able to pay for everything they needed, so yes

Mom- Not really because we didn’t know what it was like to just have one kid

  1. What is the most memorable moment from our childhood?

Dad- The picture my wife took of them when the A/C went.  They looked like two little birds laying on the floor in their diapers.

Mom- When they both were finally home together after their birth.  Larry had a short stay in the hospital after this birth, but you were able to come home with me.

  1. What was the hardest thing about raising two kids of the same age at a time?

Dad- Money.  Trying to pay for twice the items.  Diapers, food, etc.

Mom- Trying to get to get people to realize that they were two separate people.  You couldn’t compare them to each other.

  1. What was your favorite thing about raising twins?

Dad- That it is almost over.  2 more years and they will be considered adults.

Mom- I loved being able to dress them alike.  Also they always had someone to play with.  It is special to have wins because not everyone does.

Brother Interview

Name: Larry Leasure

Grade: 11

  1. What was it like for you growing up with me as you twin?

It was fun because you were there to hang out with.

  1. What was the best thing about growing up with a twin?

Having someone to talk to.

  1. What was the most difficult thing?

Getting along

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add?

My sister’s name is Lillie not Larry 1


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