Art Work #5

May 9, 2019

When you think of painted ceiling tiles, what is one teacher that comes to mind?

Mr. King, he has so many tiles painted, even some in his room since 2017.

“I have had some, since the spring of 2017,” said Mr. King 10th grade history teacher.

While you may associate history with the past, Kings ceiling tiles focus on your future.

“My tiles have a theme- which is “Your Future” so I have colleges & branches of the military and state flags,” said King.

So as you can imagine, many students have helped in painting the tiles for him.

“Tyler Nulph (2017) Cassidy Moore (2020) Alex Edder (2019) Rachel Armour (2020) Danielle “Tippy” Barnes (2021) are student who have painted tiles and there graduation years,” said King.

King is always asking his student to paint them for him, but people do come to him.

“I ask all of my students and some students have come to me- it’s a collaborative effort,” said King.

Here are some of the things painted on his tiles:

The Eagle Globe & Anchor of the United States Marine Corps

U.S. Navy Navy Emblem

Air Force Emblem

Westminster College

Grove City College

Butler County Community College

Here are some final words from King about the tiles

“I love ‘em!  My students like them too!”


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