Student Dancer Profile: Libby Casey

May 16, 2019

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Student Dancer Profile: Libby Casey

Name: Libby Casey

Grade: 12


Q. How long have you been a dancer/twirler?

A. I’ve been twirling since kindergarten.


Q.Why did you start dancing/twirling?

A. I started dance when I was about three and then saw the twirlers at my recital and asked my mom if I could try it, the rest is history.


Q.Who is your biggest inspiration in twirling?

A. My biggest inspirations in twirling are my teammates and the kids I help teach. They’re always pushing me to be my best and never stop working hard.


Q. What is your favorite thing about twirling?

A. My favorite thing about twirling is goal setting. I love putting in work and seeing the results. I love that there is always something more to achieve in this sport, no matter how much you accomplish you can always gain more. I also love all of our trips to competitions. We always make the best memories between seven hour car rides, nights in hotels and twelve hour competition days.


Q. How will twirling play a role in the rest of your life?

A. Even though I’ll be finished twirling after high school the lessons I’ve learned over the past 14 years will last my whole life.

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