Hot Girl Summer or Hot Girl Bummer?

October 4, 2019




“It’s a Hot Girl Summer, so you know she got it lit” – Hot Girl Summer, Meg Thee Stallion 

I’m sure you all have heard of Hot Girl Summer. Or maybe you’ve even experienced the powerful effects of it. But you may be wondering what exactly was HGS? 

“A summer full of thriving and being unapologetically yourself,” says senior Libby Conlon.

This past summer was not only about loving yourself and just being you, it’s also about the memories you have made. 

“My summer highlights were going on vacation to Zion National Park and a few other parks, I have backpacked in so many areas and it was probably one of the most memorable trips I have been on,” said junior Linden Sloane.

Everyone loves some good memes, which is how this event originally started. But HGS is not necessarily something just to laugh about; it is also helping women feel more comfortable in their own skin.

“This summer I really started to embrace the way I look. I realized that i’m not a ‘plus sized girl’ or a ‘skinny girl’, I’m just kinda a medium girl. I love the way I look and medium size girls need more love,” said Sloane.

Additionally, HGS is not just about boosting women’s self esteem all across the world, but it’s also is a step closer to diminishing sexist beauty standards. 

“A huge part of it is going against society’s standards of being thin and blonde and having a big butt and boobs. It’s just about being yourself, and feeling confident in who YOU are. It’s not about the attention from others,” said Sloane. “It’s about having the confidence in your skin and feel comfortable wearing what you want.” 

Overall, Hot Girl Summer may be over, but the messages and memories live on. I think we can all agree that it is amazing to see women coming together to remove the stigma around strong, powerful and confident women.

“Summer is for making memories and having fun, but Hot Girl Summer is for for loving yourself and being the ‘hottest girl’ you can be,” said junior Tanner Payne.

I think the only question we have next is when does Christian Girl Fall start?


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