October 22, 2019

On a cold rainy day last week, I asked two people who they thought would wear these shoes. These are the answers I got from a teacher and a student.


Name: Pierce Lokar

Grade: 10

The person who owns the shoes

Name: Aaron

Nickname: A-Ron 

Age: 22

Description:  Aaron lives in California.  He is the classic surfer type. Aaron constantly says “bruh”, “dude”,  and “literally”. He is a big protester and likes longboarding shirtless on boardwalks while listening to the same 4 Green Day songs on loop. Aaron likes to be stylish but simple hence buying shoes like this.  On rainy days you can find Aaron playing Call of Duty Advanced warfare, or at his weekend job at Subway as the cool sandwich maker.

Name: Mrs. West

The person who owns the shoes

Name:  Doris Scarpenelli

Nickname: Dot

Age: 84

Description: Doris spends her days watching television game-shows and soap operas which she calls her stories! Doris enjoys when the Price is Right contestants win Ford Fusions and calling the spokes models who show off the prizes hussies under her breath. 

Do you think think they are right or what do you think?




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