Leaving All These Tech Jobs For The Younger Generation, OK Boomer.

November 22, 2019


Courtesy of Erin Brandt

Students are doing book work before going in to the shop.

How would you like to make 80,000 dollars before you turn 21? Well you are in luck because vocational jobs are in need of employees. But what are vocational jobs? Many trade jobs provide on-the-job training, or you can go to a vocational school and hit the ground running in less than two years. Among the several categories of trade careers, jobs include mechanics, plumbers, welders, and paramedics. Most of these jobs are occupied by older generations mostly the generation known as baby boomers (born between 1944 and 1964). This makes them 55-75 years old, and many of them are now retiring, leaving these jobs unoccupied.
With these jobs unoccupied who will fill them? An estimated 10,000 workers are retiring a day, which leaves Gen Z, Millennials, and Generation X to fill that gap.
“Manufacturing trade companies are beginning to need the younger generation to learn the trades,” said junior Evan Kremer [Machine Technology]. “Two of the biggest, manufactures in Butler County, Penn United and Oberg’s, do not have enough younger people to do these jobs that are in need.”
With a bunch of jobs open and companies needing younger workers, they too have no other choice but to pay their employees highly. To some people, this drives them to grab these opportunities while they can.
“The trades are a very good career choice,” said senior Evan Bundy, [Building Construction.] “You can make a lot of money.”
Following this career path can have something to do with tradition. It’s said that over 30% of children will end up doing a job similar or the same as their parents.
Kremer said, “Machining has been my family’s occupation for generations, and I plan on carrying on that tradition.”
There are several reasons to work in the trade fields. It may be the money, the guaranteed job, or tradition, but to some, it’s the fact that you don’t need to go to college.
“I believe people enjoy working in trade/tech jobs because often they are getting the certifications for free during high school,” said junior Ginny Heltsley, [Culinary Arts]. “Most of the time they don’t need to go and spend more time and money on college, unless they feel they would like to further expand their knowledge in that field.”
How do you get certified in high school? You may be asking yourself. Well, that’s what Vo Tech is for. Vo Tech is where students leave before the end of the fifth period and go to Butler Vocational school. You know how you always hear that random bell during third lunch? Well, that’s the Vo Tech bell to let the kids they are allowed to leave. They spend the rest of the day there and learn about their trade and practice and perfect it.
“We arrive at Vo Tech and change into our God awful uniforms, then head to the classroom and copy down recipes until it is time to head

courtesy of Erin Brandt
Luke Kison is in the shop and working a truck.

into the kitchen,” said Heltsley. “We head into the kitchen and usually make one or two recipes per day. Then we change and continue on with the rest of our day.”
At Knoch these students are unfortunately under several serotypes. Some are good, and some aren’t so good.
“Some people feel that the student that go to Tech aren’t as smart as many of the other students that stay in school,” said Heltsley. “This isn’t true because many of the Vo Tech students are very bright in a different way than those who chose to stay in school all day.”
Even though there are these bad stereotypes, Vo Tech students work hard to prove them wrong. Most students think of themselves as harder working than the average student.
“I believe there is a bad stereotype for Vo Tech students,” said Kremer. “But instead, these students are hardworking, not afraid of difficult labor, intellectual, have grown in skill and are ready for the real-world work experience.”
With all the reasons stated why tech jobs are great, you may be asking yourself should, I pursue this career path? Well, everyone, I talked to said that they loved it and it was the greatest thing they have done.
“Vo Tech was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I’ve met a lot of cool people there,” Bundy said.


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