Inside the Lives of Student Dancers

Dancing Against the Clock

November 25, 2019

Many student athletes have very busy and stressful schedules with all of their activities, but many teachers and other students often overlook a specific group: dancers.

A lot of people don’t realize just how much dancers do inside and outside of school.

Senior Kayla Travis listed all of the activities she’s involved with:

“I’m a feature twirler for marching band, I’m the captain of the senior dance/twirl competition team at Gwen’s School of Champions By Natalie, and I teach little girls baton there. I’m also the Spanish club secretary, in the history club, NHS, yearbook, musical dance troop, student council, and class cabinet. Oh, and I’m a waitress at Kings. I try to work there at least two days a week.”

Time management is a very important skill to have when you are a dancer because it seems like there’s never enough time for you to do anything.

“I stop doing my homework if it gets to be too much, but I try to prioritize school,” said Travis. “Teachers are really understanding, especially Señora Davies.”

Dealing with all of these activities and clubs can really take a toll on mental and physical health.

“As for my physical health, I usually just have to rest as much as possible on the weekends to prepare for the following week. For my mental health, I just have to keep a positive attitude and make sure that I’m always doing something I love,” said freshman Ashely Walters, who is a Knochette and dances at Pine Tree Performing Arts.

I myself dance at LDI DanceWorks at least two days a week. Personally, if I don’t stay on task with all of the things I have to do, I get behind and start stressing about being stressed, which leads to me getting more behind because all I can think about is how stressed I am going to be if I don’t finish the things I need to get done.

Sophomore Emma Venatta, who is a Knochette and dances at Lisa Marie’s School of Dance, said, “I try to compartmentalize everything so I have time to get everything done without becoming stressed.”

On top of regular dance and/or baton lessons, some of these student dancers are also involved in Knochettes or Majorettes.

“Knochettes is more sharp, uniform movements and is more for fun. Dance is more influential movement and is more about training to succeed as an individual and a group,” said Venatta.

Some aspects of both Knochettes and Majorettes are different from dance and baton lessons, but these activities are for the most part about having fun.

“Majorettes is mostly by yourself so it’s more solo stuff, and it’s more laid back. Competition is more of a team dynamic. It’s the same coach for both, and I twirl with a majority of the same girls in Majorettes,” said Travis.

Even though it’s more about having fun, the members of marching band, Knochettes, and Majorettes practice very hard to make our school’s halftime show.

“A lot of work goes into creating a good halftime show. You have to practice every day,” said Travis.

Practicing the routine on your own is necessary to make the halftime routine as flawless as it can be.

“It can be very exhausting but worth it in the end,” said Venatta.



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