The Return of Kamerica

November 22, 2019


Some of Mr. Kamer's art students pose beside their art project - a painted snow plow.

After teaching for 26 years at schools all over such as A_C Valley, Freeport, Claysburg, Spring Lake Jr High in NC, Kiski, and Seneca Valley, art teacher Mr. Kamer is back at Knoch this year. 

“I went to Knoch, I live in the district, I taught here for 18 years prior, my daughter goes here, I have friends here and I enjoy the students’ personalities in this district,” said Mr. Kamer.

Mr. Kamer reports the transition back has been smooth.

“I feel like I have moved back in like I have been here the whole time,” said Mr. Kamer. 

Both teachers and students have welcomed him back. 

Senior Rachel Armour has developed a love for art in her years here. She has taken every art class offered.  Although she was nervous to start with a new teacher her senior year, Armour enjoys having Mr. Kamer.

“He’s a great teacher. He’s very funny, outgoing, and he knows a lot about art,” said Armour. “I was worried to start with a new teacher my senior year at first, but I’m happy to have him as my art teacher now.”

Art is something that can bring many people together, as it has for Mr. Kamer and his students. 

“There are so many great  memories I cannot even begin, but most of them revolve around kids enjoying me and my class and having a positive influence on them, allowing them to be silly and creative and appreciating art,” said Mr. Kamer.

Although Mr. Kamer loves teaching now, that wasn’t his original plan.

“I actually wanted to be an art therapist but my junior year of college the professor took a sabbatical and no art therapy classes were offered,” he said. “Since art education overlapped in classes, I went with it and ended up with a double major.”

As well as coming back as teacher this year, Mr. Kamer was also one of the football coaches. 

“Coach Mowry asked if I would be interested since I was coming back, and I actually coached him in high school,” he said. “I love teaching young kids to appreciate the game and learn the fundamentals to perform. Friday nights are so exciting!”

To students wanting to pursue a career in art, Mr. Kamer said, “It is tough to get known. Keep doing what you love and practice, practice, practice.  Talent will only get you so far, you need to find a niche and market it. Social media is a big help to that.”

Finally, Mr. Kamer offered some advice to both his students, as well as the football team.

“Don’t take things so seriously, especially yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them. Always try your best, even on the most minute things,” he said. “What decisions you make today will influence tomorrow. And always think outside of the box.”

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