Eat. Sleep. Quarantine

May 17, 2020


Throwback to the newspaper Christmas party- when we could see other people and I knew how to smile.

Day after day we do the same thing:

  • Hope to hear something that is not more deaths.
  • Learn more about your family than you have in years.
  • Wish that you were anywhere but your house.

So….. this pandemic has really changed our way of life. Schools, jobs, everything is basically closed. I, for one, should have been in South Carolina right now. Since we have never dealt with something like this, how are people living?

For me, my day starts at eleven-something-ish. I wake up, put on a pair of shorts, and an old cheer shirt from 2010. I go into the kitchen to make breakfast. Today, I made crescent rolls and to spice things up, I put sugar on them. I also had a strawberry and banana smoothie.

After I eat, that I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

Now that it’s 12:13 ish, I go on my chromebook to see what I need to do. After that, I take out my Violin and practice. Then I go on tik tok until like oneish. Maybe, just maybe, I do some homework. Sooner or later, my mom comes home from work and I need to let her in the house. 

She never remembers her key?!

When I hear my mom and brother arguing with each other about him getting his work done, I know it’s time to get the mail. I put on my “SAX ” hat that my brother hates and head out into the wilderness. My driveway is kind of long, so it is nice to get out of the house and take a break. I listen to music and take my time. I’m out there for probably 20 mins because it’s the only time I am alone.

Now it is around two-ish so time for lunch. I go into the kitchen, look around, realize that there is nothing, look around for another five minutes and then  make noodles for the fifth time this week. I eat and watch some on YouTube, Netflix, tik tok or whatever else.

This continues until I hear my dad come home from work and I go see if he brought home any food. On this day, he brought home Chinese, and I was happy to get chicken & broccoli and some wonton soup. After dinner, I am in my room on my phone. Doing what? Well, it just depends. At some point, I go outside of my room to get a drink. Then maybe when I’m out of my room, I’ll talk to my parents who are watching tv. I may sit down with them to prolong the fact I still have homework but don’t want to do it. 

I’m going to say that it’s seven-ish right now. I’m going to go outside of my room again to get away from doing homework or just to wander or get a drink. I may see how my brother is doing and say hello to him. Or I may play a game with him. . . I don’t know I may just bother him.

I’m gonna say it’s nine-ish, so now I’m going to go and take a shower for the night. After the shower, I’m going to take 30 minutes to dry my hair because my hair holds too much moisture and it’s way too long. Once quarantine ends, I’m going to get it cut and I am looking forward to that day. 

After that I do more homework and then I realize it’s 11-12 ish. At this point I should be finished with homework for the day.

At 12, I normally turn off lights and go to bed. And by bed, I mean lay in my bed and stare into my phone until about three. I either read, go on TickTock, Pinterest or watch YouTube. Sometimes I can hear my brother scream from his room whenever he dies in a game. My will brother sometimes come to my room and say goodnight to me.

Then, at that point,I finally pass out only to wake up and restart this lovely process again.

Now, sometimes my days are different. Like the day it was 70 and  I went outside to suntan. I know I don’t tan, but I also hardly ever burn.  But who burnt this time? Let me say aloe is now my best friend. Then there are days when I go on a bike ride and realize I have no idea where I am.

Turns out there’s a golf course near me- who knew?

I guess I learned something during social isolation.

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