Move Over Senioritis: Coronavirus

May 18, 2020

May of a senior year. The final semester of a high school career. The last moments that every high schooler looks forward to. Possibly a case of senioritis setting in. 

Senioritis is something teachers dread annually; however, the year of 2020, teachers wish senioritis was the only thing they had to worry about. 

I, as well as the rest of the seniors in the world, are all going through the same thing presently: missing out on our last moments as high schoolers. Naturally, there is a feeling of loss and longing for these last few months, but you have to reality check yourself.

“It might-I know-it seems like a big deal right now, but a few years from now you’ll move on and have new life experiences and it will not be significant at all” said my ever realist mother, Denise Ejzak.

Yes, I interviewed my mom. And no, it is not because she’s my only friend. I wanted to interview every family member that has graduated from high school without the disruption of a coronavirus in the hopes that their perspective will shed light on the situation. For example, my mom, who graduated from Penn Hills High School (year undisclosed) feels that there are way more important things in your life than the end of high school. 

My brother, a graduate from Knoch in 2017, says that his senior year was “absolutely imperative” to his high school experience. Instead of prom or graduation being the deciding factors however, driving around, playing sports, and being with friends was what made the year so great. 

“Be thankful for the senior year that you did have” is John’s advice to seniors. 

Though they are generations apart, it seems my dad and my brother both had the same fondest high school memories.

“My buds and I, hanging out all the time, it was great! Bowling, putt putt, going to the movies, Tastee Freeze (more commonly known as Dairy Queen), driving around with the radio on, it was awesome”, said Richard Ejzak, graduate of Shady Side Academy, class of ‘82.

Hearing my dad talk about his spectacular senior year made me instantly remorseful. I know I had plenty of great memories in the beginning of this year, but somehow it seems as though those moments were just a warm up for what the end of the year was going to bring.

In a sense, I feel like the game that I was warming up for was taken away from me.

To provide some solace to you seniors, know that at least my dad feels, “Truly regrettable” and “wishes he could give you back these months”.

In the interest of staying positive during these times, there is no better person to do so than my sister Elizabeth Ejzak.

“Instead of brooding on the now, think hopefully about the future and know that there is a lot to look forward to,” said Ejzak. 

Elizabeth graduated from Shady Side Academy in 2015. She viewed senior year monumental because of the major life choices you are making. Possibly coming to terms with leaving home for the first time, figuring out what direction you are taking, and thinking about the type of life that you want were her top priorities of senior year. 

“While senior spring, prom, and graduation are all fun, when I reflect on my life,  I wouldn’t even include those in my top ten(favorite memories).”

When she said this, I was shocked, and still am shocked. She’s only 5 years out of high school and she didn’t rank PROM in her top ten?!

“It’s fun and all, but it’s the unexpected moments that I recall the most fondly rather than the milestone events that everyone focuses on,” said Elizabeth.

As much as I’d like to continue to brood and mope, she has a point. The rest of our lives are still yet to be had. No matter what path you take, you can still take that path without being physically in school for your last few months (stay with your online classes, we’re so close). 

I’ll leave you with some fatherly advice from Richard:

“As great as high school was, and it was really great, college was even better.”

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