Cooking with Bryn

 Hello, people of Knoch. 

I am a sophomore, aged 16, and I can’t cook to save my life. The best I can make is microwaved noodles. Now that I’ve been at my house for so long going nowhere because of the pandemic, my mom wants me to try to make food. So, I decided to document the process of me trying to make a cheesy lemon garlic noodle recipe that I got off of Pinterest. There was a video to go along with it, so I figured it would be easy.


To start off, I got a package of noodles that my mother bought at Giant Eagle. They were the squiggly shaped noodles. My Italian ancestors are probably looking down on me right now crying. After like the 12 minutes they took to cook, I tried a noodle to make sure they were good- burning my mouth because of the hot water in the tube of the noodle.


Next thing I did was prepare the sauce. I got a pan and put 2 tablespoons of butter and a random amount of olive oil. I just kind of went for it. I waited until the butter completely melted then put in lemon juice because I did not have a whole lemon to cut up. After the lemon juice, I put in chicken stock that was 1/3 cup- the only thing I really measured. I also realized I did not have flour. I hope you don´t need it for this to work. Then, I mixed it for a little bit and put a cup of three cheese Italian blend and the fancy pearls of mozzarella. I think I put in like five pieces. Then I put in the rest of the container of Parmesan. There wasn’t a lot left, but I just kind of poured it all in. I just kind of mixed it. I didn’t think it was all going to melt together, but it actually turned into like a smooth sauce, so I was kind of proud of myself. Then I put in garlic powder because I thought, you know, that might taste good. 

The next thing I did was I put the noodles in the pan. That is when I realized I  may have put too many noodles in the pan because there wasn’t enough sauce to cover all of them. So, I was like, oh darn it. I poured some more chicken stock and lemon juice in and put more cheese- at this point, I just gave up on measurements. I was just kind of going for it. I put parsley on it to also make it look more appetizing. Soon after that, I decided it seemed like it was done. So, I go to eat it. 

To be honest, I was kind of disappointed. I mean really disappointed. It tasted too much of garlic powder and olive oil- you really couldn’t taste anything else. I would rate this a 1.5 out of five stars because I didn’t burn anything. 


If you want to try this here is the recipe but make at your own risk:


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