Can’t you tell they’re best friends?
Can’t you tell they’re best friends?

A Perfect Gift Guide for the Worst Gift Givers

December 1, 2020

Do you struggle picking out holiday gifts for your family members? Do your family members make fun of you for all of the crappy gifts you’ve given? Have you become an example of who not to trust to pick out gifts to the point where it’s become a joke? Then this article is for you.

Fortunately, I am none of the above. Haha, just kidding. I seem to be best at picking out a gift for one of my sisters, but that’s about it. My dad is impossible to shop for because he never says what he wants. My mom always asks for useful thing. My littlest sister is usually happy with any kind of toy.

Some people are just really bad at picking out gifts. Now, it’s not necessarily about the gift itself, but the thought that counts. That being said, wouldn’t you want to give someone a gift they really like? I would.

This gift guide will be full of good ideas to give someone for the holidays, and hopefully you will be able to give the perfect gift to your parents, siblings, and friends.

Unfortunately, this whole Corona thing is going to impact Christmas for my family. Usually, our family that lives out of state will come visit, and we celebrate Christmas, a few days after Christmas, and New Year’s Day at my grandparent’s house. We exchange gifts and eat delicious food. We also see them like every day between those celebrations, and always have so much fun.

That won’t be happening this year. My family won’t be coming up to visit, which is sad. At least we will be able to FaceTime.

“I am not visiting any family for the holidays, so I will not be giving anyone gifts,” said senior Emily Kriley.


Parents (or at least mine) seem to like useful things. In the past I’ve given my mom slippers, scissors and pens (I know-scissors and pens are basic, but the ones in my house always disappear), and different kitchen tools like a lemon juicer or a hand grater.

“I got my mother beauty products and my dad clothes,” said senior Maddie Andrews.

I, and I know my siblings would agree, find it hard to shop for my dad. He just never says what he wants. Last year my sisters and I combined efforts and got him two ties, but because he’s a tall guy, both ties were too short. Oops.

At least dads like tools or something, right?

Suggestion: Go to Bath and Body Works and buy Mom lotion, bubble bath, perfume, and body wash in her favorite scent. For Dad, try a watch or a wallet.


Siblings are fun to shop for. If you get them something they don’t like, they will find a way to tell you. Last year I got my sister a t-shirt that said “There’s a 99% chance that I’m always hungry” or something like that. Last year I got my littlest sister a bracelet that she’s probably worn once.

“I got my sister jewelry this past Christmas,” said Andrews.

“[I got my sibling] a silly gag gift that was funny,” said Kriley.

Suggestion: Get something your whole family can enjoy, like a board game or a movie.


Friends are also so much fun to shop for. Friends gifts can be silly (like getting your sloth obsessed friends a t-shirt that has a sloth on it). Expect to receive a silly gift in return from your friends (like a mug and a stack of notecards).

“We did secret Santa and I just put the usual gift in those. Fluffy socks, chocolate, notebooks, and pens,” said Andrews.

Secret Santa is a lot of fun to do with a group of friends. White elephant is also something you can do with your friends.

Suggestion: Shop local- get your friends a gift card for the Saxonburg Coffee Company or their favorite place to get their hair cut or nails done. That way, you support local businesses at the same time.





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