February 9, 2021

AQUARIUS, The Water Bearer

January 20th –February 18th

I would not recommend getting the gas station tacos. You may get food poisoning.

PISCES, The Fishes

February 19th –March 20th

Start putting hand cream on. You don’t want your hands to dry out and get tiny cuts all over them.

ARIES, The Ram

March 21st-April 19th

You will regret cutting your hair. You say Yolo but you will be upset.

TAURUS, The Bull

April 20th-May 20th

Coffee is not a replacement for sleep. You still need to sleep. And maybe some help with the caffeine addiction.

GEMINI, The Twins

May 21st-June 20th

You’re finally going to get that job that you’re waiting for. They are going to call you back sometime soon.

CANCER, The Crab

June 21st-July 22nd

 Don’t eat the whole tub of ice cream. It may be good for mourning your sorrows but you won’t feel good later.

LEO, The Lion

July 23rd-August 22nd

When doing laundry don’t add a pink sock to the whites. Your whole family will despise you.


VIRGO, The Virgin

August 23rd– September 22nd

Love is just around the corner.

LIBRA, The Scales

September 23rd -October 22nd

Don’t forget to interact with other people. Even if it’s your family. At least speak to someone.

 SCORPIO, The Scorpion

October 23rd –November 21st

Doing puzzles is not a stress relieve for you. You need to remember that. Take a break. We all know that your little brother stole three pieces from the outer area and that’s why you can’t figure it out.


November 22nd –December 21st

You need to study. I know you think you don’t need to but the 30% on your last test says otherwise.


December 22nd– January 19th

Don’t forget to buy a new pack of bubblegum. You ran out last week.

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