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What the Heck is Manifestation?

March 10, 2021

Have you ever wanted to have something really badly, or to be a certain version of yourself that only exists in your head? What if I told you that you could pretty much get anything you wanted just by wishing and longing for that thing hard enough? This practice is called manifestation.

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What is manifestation?

The simplest definition of manifestation from lawofattraction.com is “something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs.” In other words, when you think or believe in something enough, it actually appears in your life/reality.


Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is very similar to manifestation. The main difference is that the Law of Attraction is the process of attracting something that already exists in the world, whereas manifesting is attracting something that does not exist.

In order to use the Law of Attraction, you must think positively, which is not always easy to do, especially in the world we live in now. However, it is understood that whatever you put out into the world is what you receive in return, whether that be happiness, anger, or love.


Positive Affirmations

According to thelawofattraction.com, “an affirmation is a simple statement that reshapes your beliefs and helps you move towards your life goals.” For example, you stand in front of your mirror and say a positive affirmation like, “I have good grades,” if you want them to get better. The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself, the more you’ll begin to believe it into existence. The best time for affirmations is early in the morning and late at night before bed.


How do you manifest?

There is no particular way to manifest and no method that you HAVE to use in order to attract what you want in your reality. You just have to try out different methods, and see what works for you. You can manifest through meditation, visualization, journaling, or through your conscious or subconscious. When you first start manifesting, it’s important to only focus on one desire at a time, otherwise the universe won’t know what to give you first.


There are three key steps to manifesting:

  1. Know what you want to manifest
  2. Believe in it and feel as though you already have it
  3. Take action!


Different methods

One of the most common ways to manifest is the 369 method. In order to do this, you write down your desire three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night. Then, you repeat those steps for 33-45 days in a row. There are different variations of this method, but it’s believed that this one is the most effective. 

Another method is to listen to subliminal messages. Subliminals are messages that subconsciously reach your mind. There are a ton of subliminal videos on YouTube for practically anything you can think of. They have songs over positive affirmations, but you cannot hear the messages. That’s how they reach your subconscious.

Vision boards are also a good method to manifesting. All you have to do is print, draw, or cut and paste pictures or words that you want to have in your life. Then, put this board in some place where you will see it every day to remind you of your goals and keep you motivated in reaching them.


Practice methods

Being able to successfully manifest can be difficult when you’re first starting out, but there are exercises to help make it stronger. Here are some mental games to play to get better at manifesting: 


  1. I Spy

This is basically the same game you’d play as a kid when you’re bored in the car on a road trip. Instead, you write down or think of three items you want to see, and visualize them for about 20 seconds each. It’s important that when you first start this game that the items you list are fairly simple like an orange, a blue car, and a dog. Throughout a week, you should either see your items physically, or they can come up in conversations. As your manifestation skills get better, you can think of more complex items, and they will show up in less time.


  1. The Communication Game

To do this game, you first have to pick a person, and visualize them reaching out to you. You then have to mentally ask them to call or text you, and then picture them doing so. You should start with people that you talk to regularly. Once you can successfully do that, move onto people you don’t normally hear from or people that you haven’t heard from in a while. 


  1. Hide and Go Seek

This also sounds like a game you’d play as a kid, however this one’s a little more different. Basically all you have to do for this game is hide some money with a sticky note attached to it. On the sticky note write something kind or affirmative like, “This week will be the best week of your life!” The person who receives the money and note won’t know who it came from, but the Universe will return the same energy back to you and reward you. 


If you want more practice manifesting, visit this website with more manifestation games!


Now that you have the basic understanding of manifestation, maybe you’ll use one of the methods above to bring up your math grade. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about manifestation, visit thelawofattraction.com for more in depth explanations. Keep reading for some student opinions on manifestation.


Sidebar interview:

Name: Chloe Burkett 

Grade: 10

  1. Have you ever said/ wrote positive affirmations to yourself or tried to manifest? Why?

No; I wanted to, but I never tried.


Name: Lily Howell 

Grade: 12

  1. Have you ever said or wrote positive affirmations to yourself? Why?

I haven’t.

2. Have you ever tried to manifest? Why? 

I actually did. I wanted school to be online the next day.

3. If so, what changes did you notice in your life related to either of those?

Uhh, we had normal school the next day, but I honestly don’t think I did it right.

4. What are your thoughts on the law of attraction/manifestation/affirmations?

I think it’s all really interesting honestly, I just haven’t gotten into it too much.

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