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September 28, 2021

Hello! Have you ever wanted to know what makes the weird kids weird? Why they stray so far from the norm? Maybe they’re hiding something not the everyday person sees? A traumatic scary story perhaps? Then Welcome to The Scary Stories Of Knoch High School!


In this blog I will be questioning Knoch students and faculty about what was most life threatening, mind blowing, unbelievable!! Scary story they have to share. I will be asking the following 


  • What is your exact story you would like to share.
  • What has this changed about the way you live?
  • Do people know about your story?


I hope you enjoy the story’s your fellow peers share and get spooked with us..!


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Jorden Mackie, Photo Editor
What’s up! My name is Jorden Mackie I’m a senior this year and now apart of the newspaper staff! I really enjoy designing, pretty much anything and everything and it makes sense I would be in the yearbook staff as well right? Other than school stuff, I like play a lot of volleyball for my own, home made team as our setter and left wing. But I spend most of my time working as a busser and banquet server for the Butler Country Club!

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