Lauren Bowser, Brooke Lassinger, Alex Weibel


Lauren Bowser

Nominated by: Brandon Mcardle

Mcardle picked Bowser because she wears a variety of new trendy, stylish outfits. Her fit never gets boring. He says her personality one hundred percent matches her style.

Brooke Lassinger

Nominated by: Natalya Cafasso

Cafasso picked Lassinger because her outfits are always so fancy. Her daily attire consists of fancy jeans and a cropped top with a pair of cute shoes. Cafasso says her style in one word would be eccentric.

“ Brooke pulled off these pink and black heels on homecoming court, she looked stunning,” s

aid Cafasso.

Alex Weibel

Nominated by: John Weisensee

Weisensee p

icked Weibel because he wears

the most unique clothes he has ever seen. He says no one ever expects what he wears. Weisn

see would describe Weibel’s style as eye-catching.

“ His drip one hundred percent matches his personality,” said Weisensee.

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