Knoch Scary Storys #1

Knoch Scary Story’s #1

Daniel Massa (Massive Mass)

October 25, 2021

So, I was with a group of friends having a bonfire at my house. I thought it would be fun to start sharing scary stories. Everyone thought it would be really fun so we all shared one. They were all really cheesy and didn’t really go anywhere, but one story stood out from the rest. This is how it went .”One day I’m the middle of the Cold War when a group of American soldiers were lost in the cold Russian weather. The group sees a destroyed building “looks like it’s been bombarded already.” said the rookie, “it’s still shelter boys move in!” Said the leader of the group. They go inside; it’s weirdly warm there and they search the building for any enemies. It’s clear so they put their guns down and try to relax. One member of the group was still searching for supplies in the rooms and found one room that was in perfect condition unlike the rest of the house. He called out to his team, “Guys come here I found something weird”. As the group walks to the room they hear a rumble and start to worry if it’s an enemy. But, the man in the room can’t hear anything and asks what’s going on. They all evacuate towards the room and see it’s clean, almost like someone lives there. As they turn around to get their bags the door disappears in front of their eyes, then another door that’s broken appears in the same spot. They open the door that leads to a basement. The leader with gun in hand turns on the flashlight and they hear a click behind them, then the giggling of a little boy.” It took us back a bit, we were shocked, confused and scared at the same time. At the end of the night we decided to all sleep over at my house. But the scary part was we all heard a little boy laughing in the basement.




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