Do Instagram Ads Really Know Me?

October 11, 2022

As a frequent Instagram user, I get numerous ads that are supposed to be catered specifically to me. However, I have noticed a few times that some of the things that the site is trying to sell to me that I am supposed to want, are things that I would never consider buying. So, for this blog, I will be sharing some of the ads I get every other week and giving my input on the items the algorithm thinks I so desperately want and need. This week I have three different ads that I will be reviewing and determining if I would buy them.

First up, we have these Halara leggings for $25. I get at least one of these ads a day, most of the time the minimum is actually like ten times a day. In this particular ad it really focused on three features: its’ crossover design, how stretchy it is, & how it is lint and pet hair resistant. The crossover design is nice and I like the design idea a lot. The fabric being stretchy is always a plus and something I look for in leggings. But, what really caught my eye was it being pet hair resistant. With having two cats and one big dog that has long white hair and sheds a lot I always have hair on my leggings. I’m always stuck with having to use tape or a lint roller to get it off so these appeal to me greatly. Overall, I probably would consider buying these pants so Instagram – 1      Me – 0

Next, we have this cute stuffed animal. This little guy is perfect for a Halloween decoration or just something to have to cuddle up with. It’s such a cute little cat poking its head out of a pumpkin, who wouldn’t want it. I certainly am tempted to get it, but I have restraint and will not be purchasing this item. I’m not buying it because I realize that it’s kind of pointless to buy, but it did tempt me and is something that I had chances  of getting so I’ll call it a tie and give us both half of a point. Instagram – 1.5       Me – 0.5


Last, we have this couple’s phone case. When I saw this I felt personally attacked because of my lack of a relationship, this is not the first time Instagram has tried to sell me a couples product and probably won’t be the last. It is a sweet design and would be cute to get if I had a boyfriend and I hear the brand Casetify is a good brand, but I do think their cases might get a little on the expensive side (expensive for phone cases that is) and to be honest I don’t feel like spending over $30 on a phone case. Since I’m not currently in a relationship and Instagram decided to try and sell me on this I will be giving the point to myself. Instagram – 1.5  Me – 1.5

As you see, there has been a tie, so I will give Instagram some props to doing a good enough job this time around.

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