The Types of People Around the Holidays

December 19, 2022

Once again we find ourselves at that time of year where everyone seems to go crazy. Yes, I am of course talking about it being Christmas time. Something about this holiday alters our brain chemistry and society goes wild. Since I’ve been on the Earth for 17 Christmases now, I have picked up on the patterns that people fall into during the holidays and can group them into a few categories. These categories relate to when you find it acceptable to start celebrating Christmas, when you do most of your shopping, and what your overall attitude is towards the holiday. I will base my opinion of those around me by what category they fit in and I find it very telling. Let’s figure out what type of Christmas person you are:

Christmas after Thanksgiving

The tree goes up anytime after Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas music slowly becomes played more and more. The countdown starts. These types of people are probably the most normal when it comes to Christmas. They are of course excited for Christmas, but aren’t too overbearing or annoying about it. They ease into Christmas after Thanksgiving, giving appreciation to that high tier holiday as well. Then they get excited by getting into the spirit and decorating at an acceptable rate. These people are the model for how everyone should act during the holiday season.


Christmas before Thanksgiving

This is probably the most aggressive group of people on this list. As soon as Halloween is over it is time to start caroling and wearing a Santa hat.You’re lucky if you can make it to Halloween without one of these people getting excited over Christmas and talking your ear off about it. If you were to say your opinion was to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating to one of these people, they might start a whole war over it. They will not accept any other opinion on the subject but their own and will try to convert as many others as possible to their ways. If they will not stop arguing about it with you, it is best that you just agree so they will stop and won’t be a hazard to humanity.


Christmas in July

These people worship Christmas all year ‘round. I wouldn’t put it past them if they had a tree up all year, but just changed the ornaments to represent whatever season or holiday it is. They probably have Christmas themed shirts and Santa hats on while surfing at the beach or posing with a dolphin for their Christmas card saying something about having Christmas spirit even though it was 90 degrees at the time the photo was taken. They also watch Hallmark movies in July and justify it by saying it’s because it is Christmas in July. Being a Christmas fanatic is one of their bigger personality traits and they will talk about it for hours given the opportunity, yet somehow they aren’t as in your face as the previous group.

Early Shoppers

These are the planners that have their life together. They have been shopping throughout the year and write down anything that whoever they are buying for says they have an interest in so that they can then buy it for them as a present. If you open up their computer you will probably find a color coated spreadsheet that they swear by. You will be pleasantly surprised that they remembered something from months ago that you almost bought for yourself because you liked it so much but didn’t and regretted it. The only shopping they really do around late November into December is from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last minute gifts that caught their interest. (This is you chilling without the stress of shopping late)

Late Shoppers

Stressed. That is the one word I would use to describe this group of people. They feel that they have so much time to shop for gifts, and in a way they are right, but that time runs out pretty fast. Suddenly, it’s December and they only have a few gifts and are scrambling to order more. If they have an idea of what they want to get that puts them a bit ahead. The rest of this group has to quickly come up with gift ideas that their family and friends will like, and if you get frazzled and try to look up gift guides, you’re out of luck too because they are outdated and no one really wants another mug talking about what makes a mom for the third year in a row. Let’s say you have perfect gifts ordered or in mind to go get at a store, now you have to worry if it’ll be in stock, or if it’ll ship to you in time. With all of this added stress you aren’t really in the Christmas spirit and just want Christmas to be over with.

Buddy the Elf

You are ready for Christmas at any point in the year. You are very bubbly and spend your free time talking about Christmas and spreading the joy of it. You will try to change your grumpy friends’ mind that Christmas is fun and the best holiday, but won’t get mad if it takes some time to integrate them into having the holiday spirit. You also partake in all of the winter events. You go skiing/snowboarding, snowtubing, ice skating, sledding, caroling, binge Christmas and Hallmark movies, and you go to see the light show. You don’t let anyone else determine your happiness, this is your time of the year to thrive.


You aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit despite trying to by doing some of the previously mentioned activities, and that is perfectly fine. Then you are the worst. This group is cool and just does their own thing for the most part. Unless you are actively raining on other people’s parade because you aren’t feeling Christmasy yourself. There’s not much else to say about them besides that.

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