Do Instagram Ads Really Know Me?

April 18, 2023


You know the drill. Let’s get into it.

First up is, this tray with a candle and golden egg on top of it. The tray is kind of cute. I like the colors (white with gold accents) and the shape of the tray (the wiggly edges) & the handle shape. Any tray or dish can be easily marketed to me because I have an instinct to buy anything that can hold trinkets, but then I end up with 10,000 trays that I don’t need or use. The candle is kind of bland. just a regular white candle that you could pick up anywhere. What’s up with the egg? Why would anyone want or need a golden egg that just sits around doing nothing? Sorry Ross, I will not be purchasing any of this.





Butter. Do I use butter? Yeah. Do I need it advertised to me? Probably not, I think butter is just a staple item that you know when you need or don’t need. I just pick some up at the store when I run out or need a bigger amount. I chose to include this ad specifically because of the video shown with it. It was just so bizarre, as you can tell by the lady getting up close and personal with that lathered up piece of bread.




Lastly, the amazing Taylor Swift. I am a huge swiftie. However, I unfortunately did not survive the TicketMaster war to get tickets to the Eras Tour. This is kind of adding insult to injury by trying to sell me the tour merch, and advertising the tour even more than they already are. If I wasn’t bitter then I would buy something from the website 100% alas I am bitter. I also find it weird to buy merch from a tour without having gone to one of the concerts. No hate to T Swift.

This was a tiny flop this time around. These ads weren’t horrendously bad, but they weren’t good either. It left me wanting more.

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