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May 21, 2023


Since I am a narcissist, this edition of It’s Time To BeReal will only consist of my own BeReals.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

This picture was taken at Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale. I was at Role Model’s (one of my favorite music artists’) first concert in Pittsburgh. I am a huge fan of him so obviously my sister Melanie, her friend Kayla, my friend Makenna and I went to see him perform. This was such a good day, we got to the Burgh’ early and walked around until the show started. We didn’t wait that long in the line and we ended up getting to stand in the second row from the stage. We were so close to him, the pictures from the night don’t do it justice. He was a great performer too, I highly recommend going.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Taken in a wendy’s parking lot, this picture was of Hanna Howell, Carolyn Larva, Alora Eshenbaugh, Makenna Eshenbaugh, and me after a long day at Buttermilk Falls. It was beautiful out and we got a little tan. We made friends with a family and their dog who was also there. The dad from that family also helped get rid of our jitters before we jumped from the rocks into the water. Before we got there though we got lost because we didn’t know where the correct turn was, despite driving past it several times.

Friday, August 26, 2022

The first day of senior year. I took this BeReal in Frau Karn’s class with our whopping total of four students, a few months after this picture Chloe would do cyber school making our class size three people. Hanna Howell, Haydn Hughes, Chloe Burkert, and I were already close with Frau, but we got even closer this year. This day was both exciting and sad because I get to see everyone again, but I also know that this is my last year here which is also bittersweet.

Friday, September 9, 2022

This was one of the first football games I went to this year (I believe it was maybe the second one). The theme was Adam Sandler so everyone got dressed in baggy shirts and athletic shorts. I drove Bella Oskin to this game (which was all the way at Geneva College) and we got dressed on the side of Knoch Road after soccer practice, and Mr. Kamer drove by while giving us a weird look. If my memory is correct, I don’t think we lost by THAT much. I remember the student section being fun. We also made friends with these two guys who took our BeReal. They would toss a football into the crowd and we’d just play catch. (The one guy looks like Jack Harlow a little bit)

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Taken after a dub, the girls soccer team made Coach Mike Robb take our BeReal. the way he’s looking up at the camera is just so silly. This was pretty early on in our season when we were on a winning streak. We were all pumped up even though we had to play our home games at Deer Lakes because our field was being demolished. I don’t remember who we played, just that we won. Our bus to get to Deer Lakes was 45 minutes late, and when we got there we were shocked that the other team wasn’t there yet. after a bunch of phone calls we found out they weren’t gonna be there for another hour. We spent our extra time doing the Cotton-eyed Joe, doing the worm in a line, and just dancing around until they showed up.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

HOMECOMING WEEK. This day we had the Homecoming Parade, where all the fall sports and homecoming representatives ride on floats and throw candy to the children of Saxonburg. This year it was different because football was played at Deer Lakes. Instead of the parade being on Knoch Road on Friday before the game, it was on Thursday and we rode through Main Street all the way to the bonfire, that is usually reserved for the football team, cheerleaders, auxiliaries, and band only. Somehow Willow Danehy, Greta Dadowski, Megan Vasas, and I got ahold of these sticky hands and we terrorized the event.

Monday, October 10, 2022

I captured Greta Dadowski and my emotions in this picture taken after our senior night for soccer. We won the game and actually had a student section to cheer us on, even though our own coach (Greg Hess) didn’t come (his brother was getting married). Mr. Dadowski, my second dad, made me tear up by giving the seniors a little speech and showing us a video that Hess had for us. I teared up walking through the crowd afterwards despite trying really hard not to. I then cried the whole bus ride home. A week or so later, we would play our very last game after making history by being the first knoch girls soccer team to be section champs. I cried even harder after those games.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Jake Santora’s annual Halloween party. I totally exposed Hanna Howell, my little angel, in this BeReal with her chomping into a cupcake. I dressed as Taylor Swift from herĀ You Belong With Me music video. I had this idea for a while, but still procrastinated on perhaps one of the easiest costumes, and made the shirt an hour before I left for the party. While drawing on the shirt I may have accidentally drawn on the table with sharpies. Don;t tell my mom. This night was a great night and I was the last to leave because I stayed to help Jake clean up the mess we made.

Friday, November 25, 2022

My sister, Melanie, (The Knight Times alumni) and I were driving back to her apartment in Kent from our aunts house after spending Thanksgiving with them. We wore our earmuffs we got from our mom on the car ride and I thought we looked so silly. I bet the other people we saw at the gas station also thought so when we had to pump up her tires. I spent the night cleaning her room for her, which is about all I do when I go over to see her. But, it’s fine because I got to hang out with her friend Noah’s cat who is super energetic and chaotic.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

This is how most of my winter went. Sitting on the bleachers taking pictures at the boys basketball games. This night I got lucky and Lara Ejzak and Gretchen Foehringer came to hang out with me. I really enjoy taking the sports pictures and I always offer to go for other peoples yearbook pages. I am a seasoned professional too because I took the boys soccer pictures too. Basketball season prepared me even more so that the boys lacrosse pictures too. I did so well that the James Snyder recruited me to take pictures of him for his Instagram.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

One of the many field trips I went on this year. I was able to weasel my way in on the AP physics field trip to the Moonshot Museum in Pittsburgh. It was pretty cool, we saw the scientists working on the new device that will be going up to explore Mars. Other than that we had little missions we had to complete (this mission was to create a space badge patch). Then a speaker came to talk to us, who was extremely awkward (what did you expect from a coder). Ms. T kept saying that he was gonna be my boyfriend, until, an attractive man walked by, who was also a scientist, that she switched to saying I should make a move. The best advice for underclassmen I have is to befriend Ms. T so you can get on practically any field trip.

Tuesday, February 21,2023

Dara Patten, Bella Oskin, Paul Kuczynski, Caleb Oskin, and I went to sheetz after the blackout basketball game. I became Dara’s boyfriend for the night because her actual boyfriend at the time, blew her off making up excuses to why he couldn’t go. I didn’t really like this guy already, but that made me dislike him even more and I am ecstatic that they are no longer together. Dara and I bought these surprise little squishmallows together and mine (the skunk) now lives in my car.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Today I concussed myself and probably broke a rib. We were having a ski ceremony for my dad where we had drinks on the top of Stow with the family, locker room friends, and his ski friends. After our drinks I rode up the chair with my sister Mel, brother Chance, cousin Brian, and family friend Harley to take one more run to get closer to the locker room. as I was coming down the slope my ski got stuck on something and I went flying. I lost all my stuff and my helmet came off. I sat up and couldn’t breathe for a little, but I was fine and I got my stiff back on and finished the slope. I remember telling Mel, Chance, and Harley what happened and then I blacked out and woke up standing in my locker with one shoe on and one off. I cannot remember the walk to the locker room or taking off my stuff and for a little what happened that morning. I was able to piece together the morning just not the walk to the locker room. I did not ski anymore that day. Months later I’m still having rib problems, but I say it’s fine.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

My cousin, Zach, and his wife, Jenny, had their baby shower today. It was at this Italian restaurant in . To our luck, there was another baby shower there that day and we walked into the wrong one. Those people were lowkey judgy too, they side-eyed us when we walked in even though it wasn’t labeled. For our shower, you had to go through the dark bar and around a corner so it was pretty hidden. The food and everything was good, but the wall snagged my pants so we are beefing. Then we went to Zach and Jenny’s house that they had remodeled and OH MY GOD, it was fantastic. Janny and I share the same taste. I want their house when I grow up. Maybe I’ll hire Jenny as an interior decorator.

Saturday, March 11,2023

I wasn’t going to go to Midnight Madness (soccer tournament that starts at 11:00 and goes to 4:00), but Willow Danehy dragged me there. I do enjoy going to these competitions, but I thought since I was a senior they wouldn’t want me. I was wrong, of course I was, who wouldn’t want to see me more. Plus Greta Dadowski, a fellow senior, was there too. We had lots of fun dancing the night away and making friends with other teams. Willow and I went adventuring outside in between games. We did pretty good, making it to the final, but we ended up losing. I played pretty we;; for not touching a soccer ball in months. I even got my old nickname of “The Wall” back.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Newspaper wanted an excuse to throw a party, so we had a St. Patty’s Day party. We dressed in green and had an assortment of green foods (plus orange balls). I made my usual waffles and added green food dye to the batter. We had gross green milk that Jake Santora and Emma Broman walked around giving to people. Jake was in a whole Leprechaun get up. It was great. We jigged in Ms. T’s room and terrorized the kids in the school with Jake’s green milk.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

I found a baby cow today! This was the first of three babies we had this spring. Mel, Chance, and I drove up to it on the hill and hung out with it. I love the little baby cows, I don’t want them to get big. It’s also sad that we are selling them soon. As much as I hate them most of the time, I think I like them more. The next few days I brought some of my friends over to see them and I had to carry him a few times. The baby cows are quite stubborn when they want to be.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Today was Greta and I’s first Little Kickers practice for the spring. I love teaching the youth of America. They are wild most of the time, but I think the group we are teaching right now is the most tame group we’ve had so far. I have my little buddies that have to hold my hand when we do anything and I think it is adorable. Even though I do get paid for this I would do it for free because they bring me so much joy.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Lara brought me along with her, Willow, Dara, and Lily to Greek Fest (Opa!) in Oakland. I was first just along for the ride cause I like being in Pittsburgh, but I had so much fun there. We parked a few blocks away from the church it was at and walked over. When we got in I was aghast. There was such a long line to get to the food and then when I got to the food area the amount of choices were too much for me. And I couldn’t even pronounce the names of what I wanted so Lara (who is part Greek) had to pronounce it for me and listen to me butcher all the names. Then we saw the dancers, they were so fun, they looked like they were having a great time. In between the dances lara willow and I tore up the dancefloor (we were definitely bad). We also made friends with this very nice older lady that is trying to help set me up with one of the Greek dancers (Hey Tommy). I recommend going and I will definitely be going next year.

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