Art or Fart? Part 13

Art or Fart? Part 13

ART(left): Laurel Hully crap! This octopus is simply adorable. His coloring looks like it would keep him very well hidden in an sandycoral reef and I find it very responsible you took his natural predatory composition into consideration. I feel like the little fishies swimming by will never suspect a thing. His tentacles are so well done and I see no signs of a limb that has been lost and then repaired. His body is properly blob-like, and his eyes big and sweet. I just adore him and he’s a prefect example of what art should be. Puts a smile on my face. 100% ART. 0% FART.

FART(right): Laurel Hull might be rethinking her choice in men after seeing this one. Noah Coachman, I’m truly disappointed. I would think that spending so much time with your artistically talented girlfriend, maybe some of the artistic insight would rub off on you, but apparently not… Although hippos don’t quite have hands, their arms aren’t supposed to end in abruptly cut off arms. Keep in mind, a hippo doesn’t normally have a six-pack either though, so the rules definitely could’ve been bent to add clenched fists, which would emphasize the flex anyways.¬† I find the ab outlining quite embarrassing, as normally true gym-bros wouldn’t be quite so okay with making it so obvious that they are by no means natty. Finally, the tattoo could’ve definitely been covered up, advanced technology makes it much easier to get old, regrettable tats removed. Embarrassing. I do like his little eyes though. 97% FART. 3% ART.


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ART(left): Cuteeeeee!!This cat is simply put, purrfect. I’m definitely slightly biased, as my two favorite things in the world are probably flowers and cats. However, I’m certain even a nature-hating dog person could appreciate the beauty¬† of this piece. I enjoy the vibrance of the colors as they remind me of the young flowers springing in recent days as spring time starts. The kitty’s eyes certainly catch the viewer’s attention, and the lines are so well done it almost looks like a coloring page. Truly so art. 100% ART. 0% FART.

FART(right): Alright… This is certainly a truck. I totally can tell that these are pencils. I like that the wheels look like erasers. However, it’s a little stinky. The pencils aren’t well drawn and don’t actually seem to create the composition of the truck, instead just looking like a few pencils were scribbled inside the outline. And what exactly are these white semi-circles?? Are they part of the truck?? Or just open space??? Whoever drives this truck probably farts. Just like it does. I would say the effort is there, but I’m not sure if I can. Because I’m not sure if it is. I sorta really feel like it isn’t. There’s always the next pencil truck art project! 90% FART 10% ART.







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