Teacher Top 5 Playlist

Mr. Miller
Teacher Top 5 Playlist


Mr. Miller, a teacher in the English department, shared his top five songs. Here is what I think of them and what I rank them. I recommend that you listen to each song while I tell you my thoughts on them as you go through.

Mr. Millers Playlist  


  1. Hey Jealousy- by Gin Blossoms

I like it. It seems very boy band-esque. The song reminds me of something that a dad would listen to while he mows that grass which makes sense for him. I am however conflicted with the feeling of this song being a 2015 Disney song that Ross Lynch would have sang on Austin and Ally or a song that a 12 year old would listen to and want to be a rockstar. I enjoyed listening to the entire song and would definitely play it again. 

  1. Triumph- by Wu-Tang Clan 

I definitely would have never expected him to listen to this song. I knew that he liked rap but this takes rap to the next level. A sort of workout song for some is what I feel like people would listen to this song for. It give me a new perspective on Mr. Miller for sure. I like this song though to be honest. It is different and reminds me of old rap and rap songs that first came out. It has some pretty good parts and I like the beat. I would listen to this song again. Low key did get tired of it before it was over because it is a long song being a wonderful 5 minutes and 38 seconds long. 

  1. Idioteque- by Radiohead

To be honest it took way too long to start. I could have read an entire book in the time that I waited for the first word to come.  No joke took a whole minute to start. It’s like staticy and I’m not going to lie, this song made me really mad and my heart rate increased. Gonna get tachycardia just from listening to it.  It is something for sure Mr. Miller. I also just  don’t really know when you listen to it. Like it’s definitely not a car song. I get that everyone has their own taste. But, hmm. This might be my least favorite song ever. Sorry. I’m just confused and it makes me anxious. Honestly, it just makes me more stressed and kinda uncomfortable. 

  1. Real- by Kendrick Lamar 

I like the beginning. It is kinda cool and I like the beat of it. I don’t typically listen to Kendrick;  however, I feel like I could get interested in listening to his music. It’s got a nice upbeat vibe and is a good song to just throw on in the background. I really don’t have much to say other than the fact that it is again too long. Like please. 7 minutes is too much. I don’t want to listen to “I’m real” on repeat that long. Thanks Kendrick for taking valuable time that I could have been doing some handy work around the house. 

  1. 11th Dimension- by Julian Casablancas 

I like the beat and the guitar. It’s jolly and doesn’t make me utterly sad or confused like some of the other songs he likes. The song isn’t too long compared to the others. It  is honestly good background music to play when you are doing laundry, writing a paper, or contemplating getting out of bed. The artist’s voice also isn’t super annoying like some other artists I put on and almost feel like my eardrums are going to begin bleeding. Honestly, a nice song. 


Majority of  songs are so long and I have no idea how this man can listen to say five songs on his 30 minute drive to work. That would make me go insane. I am the type of person to skip songs after a minute or two if they are over four minutes long. I just get bored. I am extremely impressed with his ability to be patient and listen to never ending songs. I could never. 


My ranking on these songs:

  1. Hey Jealousy- by Gin Blossoms 
  2. 11th Dimension- by Julian Casablancas 
  3. Triumph- by Wu-Tang  Clan
  4. Real- by Kendrick Lamar 
  5. Idioteque- Radiohead 


Overall, I am surprised. Not mad, upset, just extremely surprised in the songs that King Miller listens to. I feel like I got a better understanding and appreciate his unique taste. Being forced to listen to each of these songs three times each against my will, made me find different artists that I would never just pick and listen to. I’m definitely going to add some of these songs to my playlist. 


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