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What we should learn in school

October 7, 2019


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Baby Bryn before she had to deal with life.

Life right now, for most of you, means living off your parents. They make you food, wash the dishes, do the taxes, figure out insurance, change out batteries in smoke alarms and so many other things. I, a Knoch student in tenth grade, barely know less than half of the stuff I need to be an adult in daily life.

My cooking abilities are okay at best. I can make food out of a box, and that’s about it. I love food but hate making it, that’s why I am glad my parents can give me a home cooked meal.

You may say, but Bryn; you had to take the home related arts class in sixth grade. To answer that, the only thing I recall is making mac and cheese out of a box.

Another thing that would be nice to learn is how to replace the batteries of smoke alarms. My parents and my brother went to a baseball thing. They had left the house before I woke up, but I wish they would have woken me up. I walked out of my room and all I heard was beeping. I discovered a note saying we need to put new batteries in the smoke alarms.

It beeped all day long.

It was not fun; I tried to change it, but I had no idea how. So, I waited for my parents to get home. When they stepped through the door, I made them change it.

I still sometimes hear that sound in my nightmares.

It would have been nice in a class to say, “hey, instead of worrying about a fire safety plan, let’s teach you how to change batteries so you don’t lose your mind. Also, so your house doesn’t burn down because the fire detectors don’t work”. I guess that’s also significant.

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Bryn taking a photo with a baby before she found out the baby was not real.

For the sixth weekend this summer I assembled IKEA furniture. My dad and I were at IKEA in the summer because why not? While we were there, he said, “Hey, do you want to remodel you room?” I was like “sure.” Little would I know that this is what I would do every week, all summer.

It’s peculiar to think that I, a person that can only make box meals, can make IKEA furniture. If you have never made IKEA stuff you are a lucky soul

I have made a desk-it took me more than five hours, probably because I had no idea how to do it-and the instructions were confusing.

In sixth grade, we had a woodshop class where we made a wooden gumball machine and other things. This did not help me try to build IKEA furniture.

They should teach us how to build IKEA furniture in that class or something similar with precut/made thing. That is the most I am ever going to build and again, and I think this is the same for others.

The school needs to help us realize stuff about the outside world. I also think that we need to learn about current history. I very much worry about how the state of our world will be if we continue with only having history classes that are about stuff before we were born.

I know a person who, when asked who the vice president was, believed it was Obama. I feel like if we are going to grow up in this world without knowing that we are doomed as a generation.

I not asking much,; maybe once a week in history to go over a current event. Like this weekend: I learned that in Pennsylvania they are trying to pass a texting and driving bill; if you kill someone, you could be charged with manslaughter.

So yeah, basically, I think we should learn daily life stuff in school.

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