Handle It Right!

Struggles of Gym Class


Ava Allday, Staff Writer

As many students sit in class watching the clock, waiting for the bell to ring, they look forward to   playing a game of mat ball or enjoying a Friday open gym. phys ed is something that some look forward to everyday.

Although the majority of students feel this way, there are a handful of kids who just stand there and watch all the other students having fun playing with their friends waiting to get out of gym class. For some reason they dread it.

Question:  how could these students possibly hate gym class? 

The gym is full of incredible teachers, all the equipment you may need, a big giant track and field outside, and machines you can use to workout. So, not only is the gym providing an entertaining environment, but giving students what they may not be able to use out of school. 

My favorite part of the gym class would have to be Ms. Taylor and Mr. Durand,” said senior Adelyn Seibel. “They are always there to talk and be there for every student.”

A freshman boy who explained that he feels out of place in gym class. In the locker room he feels uncomfortable changing in front of the other students, and wishes for more privacy. Going into the stall to change is not an option. When playing activities in class, he thinks people are judging him because he doesn’t “look’’ the same as the other boys.

“You can definitely tell when a student is uncomfortable in the locker room,” said freshman Hallie Avon.

“It happens a lot.”

With that, students and the school staff need to take everyone into consideration. If a student feels uncomfortable changing in front of someone, let them go in a stall and have some privacy. There have been concerns about this because of past events of students bringing unnecessary items into the stall, but if spoken to a teacher there should be an agreement about changing in private. If you see a student in gym class that seems off, make sure to just say hi, and ask them how they are. It will make them feel more comfortable with who they are around if they know they aren’t being judged.

When the school starts construction, they need to work on the gym locker rooms. They should add a few rooms just for one to change in private. I believe this is well needed and will help students become more comfortable with who they are around. If they aren’t seeing their body.

Many students don’t participate in phys ed. They just stand there and don’t do anything. This is  making other students feel like they can’t have fun, especially in a small class. 

“A lot of kids are lazy in gym class, but it is a very easy class and I wish more people would at least try and have fun with it and participate,” said Seibel.

There isn’t a real reason that students do this; just the fact that they want to be “cool” and not embarrass themselves.

If you are getting bothered by a student doing this let the teacher know and they’ll have a discussion with them.

Hygiene is also something that some kids struggle with, especially in phys. ed class.

“ I usually get one or two students a semester with hygiene issues,” said phys. ed teacher Ms. Taylor.

If you come in contact with a student with hygiene problems just tell one of the teachers. They know how to handle the situation and will be nice and understandable about it.

 “If the issue lasts longer than a week, especially in the warmer months, I notify the school nurse.  She can call them down more nonchalantly,” said Ms. Taylor. “I believe it is much less embarrassing for the student.”

I hope you gained some insight from this article, and learned more about what you should do in these situations. Remember to always be kind to the students around you, and only address concerns to a teacher/ staff member.

Now, some notes to Ms. Taylor and Mr. Durand. 

Ms. Taylor:

You are the sweetest person and I can talk to you about anything and you actually listen. – Sophomore Elizah Collins

I can always count on you and trust you. – Sophomore Keira Ewing

You’re my favorite gym teacher I’ve ever had. You make everyone’s mood go from zero to one hundred in seconds. You’ve always been so understanding. – Freshman Madison Criswell

Mr. Durand:

You have always been laid back. You are nice, funny, and are always making everyone smile. – Junior Jake Murphy

You make gym class so much better. – Freshman Hallie Avon

You are super chill and always kind. – Freshman Dylan Pinkerton