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Daras Dine-Ins and Drivers


Hey! Welcome to Dara’s Dine-Ins and Drivers where you’ll get to hear all about Knoch’s lovely drivers and their awesome cars, and me and the awesome food I try! Do these things have anything to do with each other? No. Do I care? Absolutely not. Some weeks it might be one or the other, some weeks it might be both, don’t complain, just read. To start off this lovely series we have our first Knoch driver.

Driver: Bennett Shaw

What is your car’s year, make, and model?: 2001 Chevy Blazer

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Was your car a gift? Passed down? Bought yourself?: I did indeed buy it myself.

Do you usually keep your car clean?: My car is always the cleanest.

Does your car have a name? If yes, what is it?: I just call it the Blazer

Do you have anything else to add?: It is essentially a race car because it takes about 2 minutes to go from 0-60 mph. Also sometimes my car just doesn’t start so that’s cool. But anyways super reliable and cool!

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Hello, I am Dara Patten! I am a senior here at Knoch High School! Most of my free time, for the last 12 years, has been taken up playing ice hockey. With my extra free time love to stay busy with school clubs and sports. I am involved in 10 school clubs, play varsity girls ice hockey, and am a manager for the track and field team.  Here are some random things about me: I love sharks but my favorite animal is an orca, my favorite color is red, I love nature and being outside, and I love my dog. Have a good day!

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