Happy Campers!


“Happy Campers”

By: Paige Stivenson


Nature. So much cheaper than therapy. Do you ever just want to get away and relax? I know I sure do. In the blogs I will be writing, I will be showing you the best places to go camping! Whether you want to go tenting, stay at a cabin, or bring your camper along for the ride, I am sure you will find a nice place to go for you and your family to get away!

I feel like getting out of this town and going somewhere new to explore nature is one of the best experiences. In the summer I tend to go camping a lot. I go to all sorts of types of places. My favorite place I went to was Austin Lake Campground. The lake was beautiful and everything there was right in my element.


Here are some examples of the places I am going to show you, that I highly recommend going to and that are not that far away!


  • Marlowe’s Scenic River Campground
  • Raccoon Creek State Park
  • Forest Ridge Cabins and Campgrounds
  • Sara’s Campground
  • Sparrow Pond Family Campground
  • Austin Lake Park and Campground
  • Bear Run Campground
  • Peaceful Valley Campground
  • Antler Shed Cabins
  • Breakneck Campground