Limbacher to Slimbacher


By Jocelyn Adley

Mr. Limbacher has lost over half his body weight in the last two years.

We’ve seen him walking the halls, we’ve heard his rants about foods, but what most of us don’t know is the story behind Mr. Limbacher.

On November 16th 2016, math teacher, Mr. Limbacher, went to an endocrinologist  and was put on shots for his diabetes. He was angry, and decided he wanted to lose weight.

He began to control his calorie intake and increase his number of steps.

“It’s funny, at the beginning there was no number in my head, now being under 200 pounds is a close goal,” said Mr. Limbacher

Limbacher works on his caloric intake, rather than trying to cut out foods he loves. He still enjoys a small portion of dark chocolate every night.

“ I used to go to Sams Club and buy a whole bag of M&Ms and I’d eat the whole thing….not all at once,” said Mr. Limbacher

It didn’t take long for students to notice a change in his appearance.

“Sophomore year, when I had him as a teacher, you could see from the beginning of the year to the end just how much weight he had lost,” said senior Camryn Lilley

Every week he would weigh himself, helping to reduce rough patches. He knew if his weight was up, he needed to refocus and adjust calories and steps. Others have noticed his persistence and drive throughout his journey.

“Mr. Limbacher just made up his mind to do it, I am really proud of his effort and persistence,” said fellow math teacher, Mr. Butler

Most people were supportive when he began, but prior people had suggested to him to have gastric bypass surgery. Even after he lost weight, a lot of people had just assumed he had the surgery.

Mr. Limbacher said “I just didn’t want to; I wanted to do it on my own,”

The only negative of losing all this weight is that he now needs to buy new clothes; however, most clothes at his new size are easier to find are easier to find on sale. Some more positives of his achievement are that he feels healthier and can do more activities.

Mr. Limbacher’s accomplishment have not only changed his appearance, but have contributed to his character.

“Just the discipline involved in Mr. Limbacher’s weight loss is a testament to his character and determination,” said friend and coworker, Mrs. Voltz.

“Students can certainly learn from his great example, whether it be with weight loss or even solving a calculus problem. Huge kudos sent out to him!”