Most Creative Teachers Rooms


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

When you walk into a teachers room you can tell that they are passionate about their job, from their personality, to how they carry themselves. One of the main things I look for to tell if the teacher actually wants to be here is how their room is decorated. So in the brief article I will show you my top three picks for the most creative rooms


Room: 412

Name: Mr. Hall

Subject Taught: Biology

Best Thing in the Room: Fat Head of himself


So one of my personal favorite rooms is Mr. Hall’s room. If you have ever been in his room you know exactly what I am talking about. I don’t know how to describe it. The best way to put it is like a wonderland of biology, if that makes any sense. If you have ever looked in his room you know exactly what I am talking about, there are old deer skulls, a beehive hanging from the ceiling, goldfish, and one of my personal favorites a giant fathead of himself on his wall. This room has so much life in it, well literally and metaphorically. I Then asked him for a quote about his room and he said

“I try to display items in my classroom that students can learn from and conduct demonstrations and labs that are educational.   Therefore, even if the student is not paying strict attention they might still be able to learn through diffusion….Ya Ya Ya”

This room has so much time put into it and the next time that you are sitting in his room take a look around and admire how much time Mr. Hall has put into this room to make it his own.


Room: LLC

Name: Mrs. Copeland

Subject: Na

Best Thing in the Room: The coffee shop


Next, is not really even a room, it’s the Library. Sorry the LLC, anyways this “room” has had so much time and effort put into it. One of my favorite parts of this room are the egg chairs, you all know what I am talking about. Also the tables you can write on is great for math tutoring, and if you didn’t know there is a math teacher in the LLC every period. Anyways, back to the LLC, they are growing plants in there, and the biggest part of all. They put in a coffee shop, which I think is really cool because the life skills kids work in there to help them get experience for their future jobs that they will have. I asked Mrs. Copeland for a quote about the library and she said

“There is more to do in LLC than drink coffee, and do math. I just think it is a really cool space just to hang out with friends, and it is surprising that not all of the students have not come down yet” To me  This is one of the coolest “rooms” we have here at the school in my opinion


Room: 049

Name: Mr. Miller

Subject: English

Best Thing in the Room: propaganda posters


The last room that is pretty Gucci as all the cool kids say, anyway the coolest room would be Mr. Miller’s room. His room just has the presence when you walk into it. The room says “I enjoy being here” and that really means a lot, not to throw shade on other teachers. He has old propaganda posters on his wall which is really neat to look at and think “did people actually believe that.” He also has a giant box of tennis balls in his room, and he also has little drawings and flags that students have made for him over the years, not to mention the quotes he has up in his room.

(quote here). As you can she he is very passionate about his room and it is way better than looking at white walls


So the next time you are in one of these rooms take a good luck around and admire how this rooms describes who the teachers are and how much time that they have put into them.