Weird Talents at Knoch


Paige Duke, Staff Writer

Name: Joey Gigliotti

Grade: 10

Talent: Beatboxing


Describe your weird talent

I mean its beat boxing. That explains itself I guess but I’m not as good as you think I’d be at it. I know other people that are better than me at it.

Where did you learn how to do this?

I learned how to do it off YouTube a long time ago. It only took me like a day or two to learn because it’s pretty easy.

How long have you known how to beat box?

I don’t know. Maybe since third grade? I’ve known how to do it since like as long as I remember.

In what ways is this talent beneficial?

It makes some sick nasty beats. I can be annoying with it too. It good entertainment for me and it really helps my music.

How do people react to this talent?

People think it’s cool. Mostly surprised because not everyone can beat box. But again I’m not very good.

Has this ever gotten you in any sort of trouble?

Not really. Teachers fine it entertaining usually. Sometimes they get annoyed.