LoL Champions: Singed


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Hello everyone and welcome to my LoL Champion spotlight #2. This time, we are going to be talking about how Singed is one of my favorite champions. Although, I do hate playing against him, I love playing with him on my team. This guy is just a bully; he just runs at you and does damage. His Q is like this gas he leaves behind him, so he’s going to run at you and try to get you to walk into his gas anyway he can. So, that’s where is his E comes in. His E is a flip and he flings you over him and throws you into his gas. This guy is going to flip you out of position and away from where you want to be. Next, his W is just pool of goo he throws on the ground and makes you walk slow so that he can catch up to you and then fling you and then run you down. Last, his ult he gets bonus armor, bonus magic resist, and bonus damage. Oh yeah, it also lasts 30 secs, so only is he going to use it in a team fight. It’s going to last the entire team fight; his ult is long enough to finish the game. Get something to eat, watch a video, and go to bed. This ult is ridiculously long. So anyway, that is the end of my LoL champion spotlight. I hope you all enjoyed it, and please comment on the next champion I should do. Bye!