Weird Talents At Knoch

Paige Duke, Staff Writer

Name: Chris Young

Grade: 12

Talent: Rapping

  1. Describe your weird talent

Well my talent is finding beats and rapping. I mean once I get it I get it, I’m my own thing and just get a whole lot of followers from my rapchat and youtube since I took everything off of sound cloud.

  1. Where did you learn how to do this

I taught myself because about 4 years ago I was at my camp with my friends and we all started rapping and they all told me I was great and just blew up.

  1. How long could you do this?

I’ve been the OG since about 4 years.

  1. In what ways is this talent beneficial

Making beats been something that I enjoy and it’s my #1 college plan because I want to go to BC3 for my first year and you know go from there and go to a studio after high school.

  1. How do people react to this talent

Well they expect it not to be good but then there like hold up, where do I find this, this is good.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add

I’d like to say, follow your dreams. I have 22 bodies in my basement so its my start. Subscribe to my youtube and rapchat at RedLightning, my newest single is Friday night so go stream it now.