The World of Video Games Pt 2


Joshua Martin, Staff Writer

Generation Z is the first generation where most of today’s video games are available at our fingertips. From the late 90s to now all sorts of methods and strategies were discovered and implemented in creating the next best video game. Back then going to an arcade was the norm of the time, a lot of people were not able to afford or acquire the console of that time. As time went on video games became better than its predecessor, and the consoles that were released were more and more readily available. Now since we are in 2022 and COVID is calming down but still running amok, video games have become one of the many escapes. Let’s see what our fellow peers are playing.

What is your favorite video game you currently play? 

Hunter Cox(grade 10): Red Dead Redemption 2

William Hockenberry(grade 10): Call of Duty World at War

Jeanette Miller(grade 10): Seven Days to Die

Abigail Snyder(grade 10): Five Nights at Freddy’s or Minecraft

When did you start playing your favorite game? 

Hunter: 2019 I was fourteen years old

William: When I was ten

Jeanette: Three years ago

Abigail: Last year

When did you start gaming in general? 

Hunter: When I was seven years old

William: When I was nine years old

Jeanette: About five years ago

Abigail: I was seven when I started gaming

What was your first video game you played? 

Hunter: Link’s Target Practice

William: Call of Duty 3

Jeanette: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Abigail: Dumb Ways to Die

How long do you typically play when gaming? 

Hunter: Two to four hours

William: It’s usually a pretty long or short time

Jeanette: Honestly 30 minutes to four hours.

Abigail: Usually a few hours

Anything else you would like to add? 

Hunter: The Ps4 is my favorite

William: Nah bruh

Jeanette: I don’t think I am good at gaming at all

Abigail: GO ON GET IT!

That was only very few out of  many people out there that play video games. Of course I will be the one on the case reporting who plays the next best game. Yours truly is a fan of video games but, that is a story for another day. Stay tuned for part three. Have a good day!