Turn It Up

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Turn It Up

Samantha Moody, Sports Editor

Oh my gosh, Harry Styles dropped a new song. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

The world practically flipped on March 31st. Just about every person I follow on Instagram had reposted the post about his new song. How many times can one person see the same post?

But besides the fact that everyone is reposting the same thing, Mr. Styles’ new song, “As It Was,” is a little inside look at his new album¬†Harry’s House.

Normally, I am not the biggest fan of Harry Styles, but I will admit, this song has been living rent free in my mind for absolutely no reason. I enjoyed his previous album,¬†Fine Line, but it got on my nerves quite fast…

Now that he has dropped this new song, teasing the expected release on May 2oth, we’ll see how quick this new album gets on my nerves!

Not to be a hater, but Harry Styles is a tad overplayed nowadays. Even though I admitted that I enjoy the new song, and have listened to numerous songs by Harry Styles, it becomes annoying after a while. Honestly, please, how many times can you listen to “Watermelon Sugar?”

Where some are absolute fanatics about Harry Styles and practically praise the ground he walks on, and some believe he is extremely annoying, this new album is up in the air. Either I am going to love this album, or need my eardrums replaced from how overplayed it is going to be.