School Spirit, Let’s Hear It


Grace Bogacz, Staff Writer

As many may know, Spirit Week is a time where students wear outfits representing various themed activities, usually to celebrate a special occasion like Homecoming. 

Historically, there are many different themes such as: Too Tired Tuesday, Disney Day, Tourist Day and more. 

While I don’t speak for everyone, I think it’s time to switch it up. I’m not sure who is in charge of picking the themes, but I’m here to let you know what other students think and want to do to show Spirit. Who knows? Switching it up might even encourage more people to participate. 

Let’s see what unique, never done before, Spirit Week themes our students would like to participate in! I sent out a survey and thanks Knoch: a total of 51 whole people responded! 

Coming in first was an “Anything But a Backpack” day. This theme is where students bring “anything but a backpack.” 

Our school has never participated in this, but many other schools have. Other students have used kayaks, wagons, pet carriers, coolers, strollers and more. I think it would be exciting to see what others would bring!

Next up was “Favorite Character”. Many people voted to participate in dressing up as any character. From Shrek to Princess Elsa, students can choose whatever they want to show school spirit. 

“I would love to do a TV show themed one where people could wear merchandise or dress up as a character,” said junior Mackenzie Protos.

Coming up next is “Mathletes vs. Athletes” day. This is a theme where students can choose to dress as the stereotypical all star athlete or a nerdy math student. I think we should participate in this theme because it gives students two options to choose from.

Another theme never done before is “Future Friday.” This is where students dress up as what career they are wanting to pursue in the future. I think this would be a really cool idea because students would get to see all the different career choices others are wanting to pursue. This would be a really good theme for seniors as a last goodbye when they graduate and move onto whatever the future plans for them.

Next is “Celebrity Day.” This would also be a very  theme because students have so many different possibIlities to choose from. Many students want to participate in “Adam Sandler Day.” 

Senior Hannah Huffman, junior Annissa Bogan and senior Brooke Casico all said they want to participate in, “Adam Sandler Day😍.” 

Crazy Hat Day/Crazy Hair Day” is a theme we have never done before. This would be a great option because hats are usually not allowed to be worn in school. For one day it would be fun to wear any hat without being told to take it off. This day could also go along with crazy hair day. Who wouldn’t want to just wake up and go to school without spending time doing their hair?

“Decade Day” is also a top favorite. This is a great way to bring back the old trends. Students would be able to choose any decade and bring back the scrunchies, headbands, and of course the low waisted jeans.

Junior Ashley Walters said, “2000s Day” and sophomore Samantha Robb said, “any throwback day.” 

Lastly we have “Twin Day.” Have you ever wanted to be a twin? Well, for twin day, you and your best friend can dress the exact same. I believe our school has participated in this spirit theme, but the last time I remember it was from middle school. If almost everyone participated in this theme we would be seeing double all day. What better way to show school spirit!!!


Some more ideas that students want to participate in::

Frat Boy Friday: sophomore Nellie Eichler

Jerseys: sophomore Dara Patten

Gender Swap Day: sophomore Kylie Vranka

Each grade is a different color: freshmen Abigail Gilmore

All of them. I love spirit week!: junior Delia Devore

Mr. Pflugh Day: senior Brooke Lassinger and senior Shannon Holmes

Sports: sophomore Jaxon Donhue and sophomore Kaden Spencer

BBQ dads vs. Soccer Moms: junior Annisa Bogan

“No,” said sophomore Lara Ejzak