Cory Voltz


Joshua Martin, Staff Writer

I have known Cory for a long time, and he is the one person who deserves a shout out. Cory is a senior and is a very nice person. He is a hard worker and is able to keep his grades up. His favorite hobby is that he likes to play golf. The both of us started being good friends at the end of first grade, so we have been good friends for about 11 years. A funny thing that has happened was, I when I was eating lunch with him a couple years ago at school. Cory was trying to open a yogurt, and he accidently smashed it with his hand and yogurt got all over the cafeteria ceiling. I was caked with yogurt and the people around us were caked.  So please give him the recognition he deserves. He has got big dreams and lots of ambition, so he is definitely worth the shout out.