Marcus Ortiz


Marcus Ortiz is a junior at Knoch and one of my best bros. I’ve known this scallywag since he was in 7th grade, back when I was taller than him. Over the years we’ve done so much together; practicing dancing in the hallway for the musical, tennis, playing Smash & Monster Hunter, and he has also given me my food from BDubs on multiple occasions. I’ve loved watching him grow over the years, not only in height and gains but also as a person. Marcus is simply great to be around, and that’s why he’s my friend, brother, and occasionally my son. Love you dawg.

Marcus eats a banana.
Marcus is sad that I went to the bathroom.
Happy to be here!
A close up. Look at how handsome!
“My eyes are fries.”
Family photo!
All dressed up. Looking so pretty!