glow ups


Erin Corcoran, News Editor

POV: you wake up on a beautiful Monday morning.  You get out of bed and throw on your neon colored North Face jacket and zip it up the whole way so it’s practically choking you.  After that, you start brushing your hair.  As you’re combing through, you start to cry because there is a knot and you start basically ripping your hair out.  You finally get all the knots out, and now it’s time for the most important part of your look…THE SLICK PONY.  You strategically pull each strand of hair back to make the perfect ponytail. BUT…THERE’S A BUMP!!! You proceed to cry again until your mom comes in and says,”It’s not a fashion show” or “You look fine!” and so you add your headband that you wear daily, strap on the low top converse, and you head off to school.  

I think we all had our “ugly” era.  We all thought we were so cute and when we look back, that is not the case.  Personally, I had many ugly era’s.  

It started with the head band, north face, and navy blue converse.  Then it worked its way up to a combover, flip flops and leggings EVERYDAY!! So lets see some of our current student glow ups!