ABC Bucket List


Bryn Krason, Business Manager

Do you want to do something fun with your friends right before you go away to college? Or do you just want to do something fun before you return to Knoch? Bucket lists are fun. Here is the ABC’s of summer bucket lists.


Apple picking

I feel like that would be such a cute date night activity or a fun thing to do with friends on a nice summer day.


Bowling is a fun activity to do with a lot of friends. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad as long as you are having fun.


Biking is a fun outdoor activity. You can either go somewhere new or right out your door for this activity. 


Camping would be a fun activity over the weekend with friends. You could  roast marshmallows and look at stars.

 Deep sea diving

Now this one includes some travel and age restrictions, but this sounds like a once in a lifetime experience.

Eating out with friends

This one was one of the easier ones to get into. You can just call up your friends on a random Tuesday and go out to eat somewhere. It doesn’t have to be expensive.


Now this one has some variety. You could go in your backyard, at your friends house, or a natural park.                


This can be a fun activity for your inner speed demon.

Horseback Riding

This could be a fun experience to get back in touch with nature.

Ice Cream making

This can be a fun activity with a sweet treat at the end.

Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a fun activity to do with friends, and you can continue this throughout the summer.


This is a fun activity if you a good singer, and even if you aren’t it’s a fun time to have with friends.


This is another activity that you can The one with nature with. This would be a fun activity and a nice workout.

Line Dancing

This is an experience that anyone can participate in, young and old. It is always fun to try something new.

Mini Golf

Now this is a fun activity to do with friends or for a date night. Even if you weren’t good enough for actual golf, this is perfect for you with fun displays and water falls.


This could be fun to do on a rainy day in the summer when you can’t do anything else in Pittsburgh. After you go to the museum, it would be fun to go out to eat.

 National Parks

This is a fun activity to be one with nature.


This is a great activity to do in a warmer climate. It is so refreshing and nice as long as you make sure your mouth is shut.


This could be a fun activity with friends or a significant other.  You and whoever you’re eating with can homemaker itor you could go to your local Giant Eagle for food.


This can be a fun activity to do with friends. Do you want to get your nose pierced? Make your friend’s get one too.


Road Trip

This could be a fun activity to do during a week in summer that no one one’s on vacation.


This could be a fun activity for if you have any cowboy boots wearing friends.


You don’t have to be good as long as you’re having fun.


What’s better than jumping out of a car? Jumping out of a plane. You can get friends or family members to do this with you.


Now this one may require an Ocean. But I believe this is something that would be fun to do.


This could be something fun to do, whether you want a stupid tattoo or a sentimental one.

Tea Tasting

A fun activity to do with your grandma or your BFFs.

Ukulele playing

This could be something fun to do as long as you don’t try to practice at 2 AM and wake up all your family.


A worthwhile activity to do this summer to help those in need.

Whale Watching

this is one you will  have to travel for but I feel like this would be a fun activity.

Xtreme Sport

Whether you do it or watch it, this will be a blast.


Do you have a friend that has a lot of money? Tell them to rent a yacht.

Yard Sale

A spontaneous ting you and your friends can do.


An activity to do if you have a more adventurous side.