Fellowships And Faith!

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Fellowships And Faith!

Have you ever wanted to grow your faith towards God but you didn’t know where to start? Well it’s literally been right in front of you the whole time, at your very own school! Just a reminder that this article is rooted in personal religious beliefs and is not intended to cause any offesne,or to upset anyone.

The high school has a program called FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). FCA is an organization where a group of students(athlete or not) come together and worship God, and talk about how he is involved in our everyday lives. What’s so special about this group is that the students take control. 

The leaders of FCA this year are juniors Natalya Cafasso, Lindsay Mack, and senior Lindsey Greb. Every week they give us a message they feel they’ve been called to share with their peers.

“FCA has given me a space to really show how much God has impacted my life,’’ said Cafasso. “It is very easy to keep your faith hidden away, but one is really able to show their real self when they show their relationship with Christ.” 

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When a student joins FCA they become a role model of the Christian belief and God’s goodness. Mark 16:15 says “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

“I gave my life fully to Jesus in sixth grade, and I take any opportunity to praise Him or talk about Him,” said Cafasso.

Every FCA meeting you’ll usually see a new student join. You can always tell they are a little unsure about it, but at the end of the meeting they feel relief and are glad they had joined.

“I know a lot of people who are aware of the club’s existence, but just don’t know if they would like coming to a meeting or not, so it is always best to come with friends,” said Greb.

Freshman Luke Posey was introduced to FCA through a friend, and now he looks forward to FCA every week. 

I joined FCA this year because my friend Camden invited me to come to the first meeting of the year, and ever since I’ve been enjoying FCA and being a part of a Godly community here at Knoch,”said Posey. “I think others should join the program because it’s a very unique way to grow your faith because it’s at your school. I was very surprised about the amount of people who were open about their faith and were apart of the program.”

Another great thing about FCA is that it  gives students the opportunity to share anything about their faith with the group even if they aren’t a leader. 

“Those that do not wish to be a leader, but would like to speak about a topic one week, are more than welcome to do so,” said Greb.

If you would like to become a  leader in FCA, you are able to volunteer at the at the end of each year. Anyone can volunteer if they’d like to be a leader the next year. Most of the time, anyone who wants to be a leader can be. Its a great step to become closer with your faith.

If you are just wanting to join FCA it would be a great idea to just show up,(ask a leader or friend in FCA where the next meeting is). When you arrive ask one of the leaders to set you up on the Google Classroom so you know where and when every meeting is held. If your not great at checking your email I recommend following the FCA instagram page (knoch_fca) for weekly updates and reminders about meetings.

“Join FCA, it’s a great atmosphere were we all join together for the same reason; God,” said Mack.

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