4 Four 4 Seniorities


Ava Allday, Staff Writer


Senior year: I honestly can’t relate to my article at all. Then you may ask, why am I writing this? Well because who else will, you know? 

We’ve got to appreciate our seniors and give them the hype they deserve. I mean they are going on four straight years of high school. Tell me that’s not impressive? So, here I am, giving these few seniors a chance to explain to all of us underclassmen what high school is really all about before their senioritis really kicks in.


Senior Jake Murphy

Football Man

Murphy has been attending Knoch since Mrs. Love’s kindergarten class. He is a wide receiver and linebacker on the varsity football team. Although Murphy is frustrated with all this field drama, he wants the freshmen to know it will be so much better once the turf is in. Then they can get the real football experience on their home field.

 Other than the field situation, Murphy has rather enjoyed his highschool experience with very few problems. 

“ I feel that Knoch has been pretty good all four years of high school I’ve been here, ” said Murphy.

Murphy doesn’t have a favorite core memory from highschool, but he is most thankful for his friends.

Murphy said, “ Being able to spend time with all my friends at school, and making new friendships have been my favorite parts of highschool.”


 Senior Carolyn Larva

Harry Styles Marvel Addicted Girlfriend

Larva has been at Knoch since sixth grade. She has enjoyed highschool for the most part, other than Mr. Atwood leaving.

“Mr. Atwood leaving definitely affected the school negatively, ” said Larva.

Larva’s favorite part of the school is Frau Cramer, and her favorite memory from high school occured last year.

“ The best memory I’ve had here was homecoming week my junior year because of dressing up fun all week,” said Larva.


Senior Makenna Eshenbaugh


Eshenbaugh has been here for all four years. She agrees with Larva that Mr. Atwood needs to come back. 

Eshenbaugh said, “Why would they get rid of Mr. Atwood?”

She added that adding metal detectors to her highschool experience made her  mornings a hassle 

Eshenbaugh doesn’t just have negatives though. She enjoyed getting foreign exchange students and joining school clubs.

“ We needed a change in student faces,” said Eshenbaugh.

Her biggest advice to underclassmen is to go to a  football game. 

“ The thrill of the boys scoring and the crowd going wild is an experience you don’t want to miss, “ said Eshenbaugh.


Senior Jacob Feldbauer 

New Car a Day Man

Another four year resident,  Feldbauer  hopes the school cafe never goes away and the school lunches get better.

“ School lunches have gone downhill since the 2019- 2020 school year, “ said Feldbauer.

His favorite memory is making his friend group in ninth grade ( which includes Murphy). 

Now something he would like everyone to know;

“ I drive my blue corvette to school, “ said Feldbauer.


Well there you have it. Unless you’re planning on dropping out of high school, have fun for the next one to four years! When you think you’ve been here for ages, just remember the seniors, who haven’t even had a normal high school year yet.