Ale’s American food pt.3


Alessandra Natali, Staff Writer


Hey! I’m back with another episode of “Ale’s American food”, but this time I tried a drink instead. It’s finally Starbucks time!!! I have already tried Strabucks things in my life but just a few times because the only city where there is Starbucks in Italy is Milan.


Name: Iced Caramel Macchiato

Where I drunk it: At the Starbucks in Pittsburgh

Review: I did not like it at all, the caramel wasn’t the sauce but instead the syrup so the taste was definitely not good.

Rate: 5/10








Name: Iced white chocolate mocha

Where I drunk it: Cranberry Starbucks’ drive through

Review: I love it! My favorite drink right now, it is very sweet but so good.

Rate: 10/10






Name: Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade

Where I drunk: Cranberry Starbucks’ drive through

Review: Very good! A great different thing to take instead a normal coffe, so refreshing.

Rate: 8/10