I’m Itching for the Kitchen


Jake Santora, Video Editor

Sizzling bacon, crackling eggs, dripping coffee, just a few sounds you may hear when you enter the enthralling breakfast dining experience that is Country Kitchen.

For as long as I can remember, Country Kitchen has solidified itself as a haven for my breakfast appetite. The employees there are forced to see me digress into my feral nature as I smother my face with their remarkable home fries and eggs.

However, there was no way the incredible love I have for this masterful diner could be limited to just myself.

As it turns out, Country Kitchen has a monstrous grip on the mouths of other Knoch students and staff as well.

“I’ve been a patron to Country Kitchen for roughly three years,” said freshman Charles Beikert, “My father and I, and sometimes the entire family would go there whenever we had errands to run on the weekends.”

Others have been enjoying breakfast at Country Kitchen a tad bit longer.

“I’ve been going for 45 years,” said local artist Doug Kamer.

Like Kamer, I myself have had the incredible privilege of partaking in the “kitchen” experience for many years now, and lately, I’ve extended that offer to others. 

The newspaper staff and I ventured to Country Kitchen recently at the crack of dawn before school. Unfortunately, most of the writers chose to take the sweeter route of the menu with orders of pancakes and french toast.

However, real ones (like me) know that in order to enter breakfast heaven you must order one of the infamous “Country” meals.

Junior Madison Hunt agrees.

“I get the Big Country with hash browns, eggs over easy, white toast, and sausage,” she said

Principal Trofimuk shares a similar order.

“I get two eggs over easy, bacon, corned beef hash, and white toast with grape jelly,” said Mr. Trofimuk.

The food isn’t the only thing that makes Country Kitchen appealing though. In fact, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

What truly differentiates Country Kitchen from other diners is the notorious Humpty Dumpty that sits on the roof of the building.

Fears grew that Humpty would cease to exist after rumors (partially started by me) that Country Kitchen would close in early 2023 spread throughout Butler like wildfire.

Many people, like me, considered not going if Humpty Dumpty was to be removed.

“I would not eat there anymore because it simply would just not be the same. I would be mad. It adds a lot to the experience,” said Hunt.

Others are more able to see past this drastic scenario.

I would still eat there if Humpty Dumpty was removed. However, it just adds a special touch to the homely experience at the Country Kitchen. It would be a shame to see it go,” said sophomore Lindsey Mack.

“Yes, while Humpty Dumpty is the literal figurehead of the eatery, it’s removal would not cause me to lose faith in the establishment,” agreed Beikert.

Luckily, nobody has to face those fears since Country Kitchen has just renewed their lease for the next three years.

I and many others can only hope that this sanctuary for breakfast lovers continues to grow support from more people willing to take a bite.

I did feel like once again shouting my opinion on why people should support Country Kitchen, but Beikert couldn’t have worded it more perfectly.

“Many people go there and talk with their friends, have a good meal, and make a good start to their morning,” said Beikert. “It isn’t some copy-and-paste fast food chain that springs up every other day. It’s someone’s individual idea that went on to create a little bit of joy.”