Kennywood: Around the Corner and Out of this World!


Jake Santora, Video Editor

The school year is ending and summer is fast approaching, which means it is time to reopen the amusement parks.


As with any park, I am always ready to rush back into those three hour lines, strap in and ride all day! However, no park makes me tickled pink like Kennywood does! 


From Jack Rabbit to the famous potato patch fries, Kennywood is a place like no other. With a new ride on the way, thrill seekers have all the more reason to be excited! 


Just last week, the local favorite began their season of thrills and students couldn’t be more pleased.


“Kennywood is a W place and the new ride is going to be super litty,” said junior Vincent Ross.


The new ride in question, Spinvasion, is an alien themed ride placed just behind Cosmic Chaos. It places the rider as the defender of Pittsburgh from a galactic invasion, all while rapidly spinning parallel to the ground.


Spinvasion looks to be another popular ride at Kennywood and a worthy addition to their ground thrills lineup.


It goes without saying that Kennywood’s water rides have also left their mark on peoples’ enjoyment as well.


“The Raging Rapids is my favorite ride, and them getting rid of the log ride was the worst. RIP log ride, you will be missed,” said senior Annissa Bogan.


Other than rides, Kennywood has tons to offer with food and drink, such as my favorite, the Potato Patch Fries.


“I love getting food at Johnny Rockets,” said Ross.


Bogan agrees.


“Johnny Rockets is right behind Cosmic Chaos and is the perfect place to eat.”


When it comes to the best of entertainment, I may be a little biased, but I think the roller coasters take the cake.


Too often I find myself going back and forth between Thunderbolt and Phantom’s Revenge as my favorite coaster, and I’m sure The Steel Curtain would be a challenger too if it wasn’t closed so often.


“The Phantom’s Revenge is easily my favorite because I love the drops,” said freshman Mary Teneyck.


“The Phantom’s Revenge is my favorite because of the huge drop from the top and It’s super fast speed, said Ross.


Above all else, what people take away most from Kennywood is the joy spent there amongst loved ones.


“We would go there every summer to spend time together as a family,” said Bogan. “I always spent time there with family and friends,” agreed Ross.


For some, Kennywood has cemented itself as a cherished memory.


“I had the best time when I spent my birthday there,” said Teneyck.


Overall, it doesn’t matter if you’re tall enough to ride, Kennywood is a place for everybody and the experience you have there is sure to leave an everlasting impression.


Keep in mind, Knoch has their very own Kennywood picnic which takes place on June 28th this year. For more information, click the link below!