Swaping Grad Caps for Hard Hats


Violet Huggins, Business Manager

As you might have heard, we are starting early next year because of construction, so how do you think that will affect some of the soon-to-be seniors? They are going to be doing construction in the teacher parking lot. They are going to be walking in the student parking lot. Who knows what to expect? They started to build the new cafeteria and student entrance. There is going to be all kinds of craziness for the next few years. So, let’s find out what some of the upcoming seniors think about this. 

Most people won’t be affected and won’t mind that we are starting early next year but junior Austin Haugh thinks differently. 

“Starting early next year will suck because there is nothing we can do about it,” said Haugh. “It only sucks because it means less summer break.”

As I do agree, we aren’t starting that much earlier. I would understand if we were starting in mid-August.

“Personally, it’s not that big of a difference, so it doesn’t really bother me,” said junior Spencer Riemer.

Haugh and Riemer have different views on the matter. But they both agree that they have no worries about graduating early.

Riemer said, “Worries? Definitely not. There are only positives!”

Worries, nah, Haugh would never, he’s already got his career path picked out.

During a normal year, senior graduates will graduate on a Friday, but not this year.

Junior Sarah Mitchell said, “I think it’s exciting considering it is historically on a Friday.”

Surprise graduation is on a Wednesday!

“Oddly enough, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, so it kinda makes it even better,” said Riemer. 

The day of the week doesn’t really matter to Junior Adien Jones but said there are pros and cons.

“I’m going to miss school so graduating early will kinda suck,” said Jones

Surprise surprise this is all happening because of construction so you wouldn’t have guessed. Both Riemer and Jones have strong feelings about the construction next year.

“If they mess up the parking lot during the year or start mass construction inside the school that causes issues,” said Riemer. “I just wanna enjoy our senior year so I hope they wait, (they won’t).”

The parking lot is definitely a big concern for our upcoming seniors.

Jones said, “ I just want to see some upgrades to the school before I graduate. I’ve been hearing all this talk about the renovations.”

I think I can say this for everyone; we all want to see some changes.

These four juniors definitely have some views on starting early and graduating early. I will say that it’s going to be a hectic year.

As Riemer said, “If I can’t park in the parking lot and get all the benefits as a senior because of construction, I am going to riot.”