Knoch Knights 2023 Recap

Knoch Knights 2023 Recap


With crazy wars in the Middle East, fun debates about Barbie and Oppenheimer, and out of this WORLD aliens, 2023 turned out to be a very eventful year- even for some KHS students. Whether it was a trip out West, making playoffs, or appearing on national television, you will find differences and excitement in all of their stories.

Starting with senior Bennett Shaw, he was hype about football, and even more hype about making the playoffs! 

“I wasn’t really expecting it, and it gave me so much hope for me and the team,” he said. 

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Next we have sophomore Savanna Hawk, who went all the way in Nevada and Arizona last year.  

“My family flew across the country to Las Vegas and then travelled to Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National park, Lake Havasu City, AZ, and the Hoover Dam,” said Hawk.

Hawk’s trip out West was quite eventful. 

Hawk said, “The most memorable part was eating bagels for lunch right next to the Grand Canyon with my family. The canyon was beautiful and I loved all the wild animals.”

She also had a weird stay at Lake Havasu.

“The hotel at Lake Havasu has a pool and it was absolutely rancid and disgusting. If you went under the water you could see nasty crumbs, hair, and god knows what on the floor of the pool,” said Hawk

Lake Havasu wasn’t the last of the craziness because in Las Vegas, there was more.

“There were so many [dancers] on Fremont Street and there was even a man in a suspender mankini. When we got back to our hotel, our AC unit caught on fire and almost burned the hotel down.” Hawk said. “A kid tried to drown my brother with a plastic bag, and then a homeless couple snuck into the pool and started bathing.”

Now for something really unusual; last year sophomore Colt Sprankle appeared on the hit game show, Family Feud

“[I went to] Atlanta for Family Feud!,” said Sprankle. “Filming Family feud was fun, but the experience was not as fun, we had to sit and be the audience for all the other shows. It took hours just to get on stage.

The family made a vacation out of the trip.


“We also visited World of Coca-Cola,” Sprankle said. “It was fun because we got to taste flavors from all over the world.”

The Sprankles also travelled to New York City (NYC) and had a delicious stay. 

“In NYC, I ate at the world’s most famous bagel shop, he said.  “We also got to skate at the Rockefeller Center in Times Square.”

Travelling was not the only wild thing that happened for Sprankle in 2024. He was working a lemonade stand in the summer. Right when he was cleaning up, cutting bags and lemons, something very eventful happened.

“I was cutting my last bags and the knife slipped and cut me right in the side of my eye and nose. It was spitting out blood everywhere,” Spranke said.

Now a year can’t be a year if nothing crazy happens, and 2023 sure was a crazy year. I hope you enjoyed the differences and excitement in all of these stories and had an epic year of your own. 

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