Kenzie Out

Kenzie Out

Although I have not been at Knoch for as long as some of my fellow classmates, the seven years I have spent at Knoch have taught me so many lessons. Knoch has more to offer than what it may seem. I have been able to make many meaningful friendships, relationships, and created memories that I will never forget. 

Although all schools have their weaknesses, I want to focus on all the positives of Knoch rather than the negatives: like the moldy ceiling tiles, broken door stoppers, or the dead stink bugs that crowd my desk. It is crazy that school is almost over. I remember walking into Knoch Middle School feeling like I was so mature and how old my sister was for being in high school. And now, I’m a senior. That’s crazy. Time just actually flew by, and I feel like I never really got to enjoy it.  

Sadly I will never again be able to walk into Mr. Miller’s room to bother him for some food, play a doubles match with Lara, go to Ms. T’s room during study hall just to hangout, walk around the school to find a bathroom that is unlocked, or walk in the hallway and get almost run over by four foot tall children sprinting to the bus. And finally, I will never be with most of these people that I have spent the past seven years of my life with.

If I had advice to give to a freshman, I would say, to take it slow and enjoy the time that you have because time will fly. Don’t take anything too seriously because honestly nothing really matters at the end of the day. Pay attention in school but don’t stress too much about tests. I did that too much and honestly… still do. And finally, be nice to your teachers. They don’t get paid enough for how they get treated.

As our final month of high school is coming to a close, I am upset to be leaving some teachers at Knoch.

Mr. Miller is King. He has always been there when I needed help on an assignment, wanted to tell a joke, or just needed to see a smiling face when I was having a bad day. He always puts everyone else’s needs before his own. I will definitely miss Mr. Miller at college, and I wish he could be my personal professor. 

Ms. Thompson is one of the best teachers that Knoch has to offer. I was lucky enough to go to Germany with her on a foreign exchange program. And honestly, she was the real reason why I went because she was taking us over. Ms. T always asks how your day is going. I will never forget the countless food days that we had in yearbook class. They were always so much fun, and we never did our work on those days or ever really, and she got so mad. 

My favorite memory from high school was playing the winning match with my partner Lara in the WPIAL Finals. The tennis team was always such a close group of friends and we always got food after every match together (which really put a damper on my wallet). Having such a great team and season in high school was one of the reasons for making me want to play in college. 

I want to take a moment to thank my family also. They continue to not only be there for me, but are people that I can always count on. My sister, Madison, challenges me to be a better person every day. Watching her as I grew up, I always looked up to her. My mom and dad show me that regardless of what I do, they will always be there for me, no matter what. And finally, my dogs Lulu and Laci. I don’t know what I would do without them. Love you pups. 



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Kenzie Gumto
Hi! My name is Kenzie Gumto and I am a Senior at Knoch High School. I love to play tennis and hangout with my friends. I have two mini goldendoodles named Lulu and Laci. I am also in yearbook, best buddies, and  photography club. I have an obsession with Starbucks and spend most of my hard earned money there, which I don’t regret. 

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