Kale & Kickboxing


Caroline Ejzak, News Editor

Some of you health junkies may have heard the term “superfood” before. Basically, a superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. No, it is not just some word made up by vegans.

Kale is like the alpha super-food.

For those of you who don’t know what kale is let me describe the look, taste, and texture briefly for you:

Before being cooked or prepared in any way, kale is a leafy green which a rich green color but can look slightly grayish. It looks wrinkled and possibly spiky around the edge of its leaves. It is rather tough to the touch, much sturdier than spinach. When it is sauteed with olive oil it becomes much softer and moist and its green coloring is intensified.

Eating kale raw, though possible, isn’t my preferred way.

I enjoy kale chips which can be made easily from this recipe here:



But most of all, I love sauteed kale with garlic and olive oil.



Here are some MORE reasons to eat this leafy life sustainer:

  • Given its incredibly low calorie content, kale is among the most nutrient-dense foods in existence. Eating more kale is a great way to dramatically increase the total nutrient content of your diet.

  • Kale, like other leafy greens, is very high in antioxidants.
    These include beta-carotene and vitamin C, as well as various flavonoids and polyphenols.
  • There are numerous cancer-fighting substances in Kale
  • Kale is a good source of minerals that most people don’t get enough of
    • Did you know it had calcium, magnesium, and potassium? Nope
    • Did you know you’re probably deficient in most of these minerals? Didn’t think so


  • Kale should be able to help you lose weight
    • And feel like a freaking superhero let’s not forget–superfood

At the end of the day, kale is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet.
If you want to dramatically boost the amount of nutrients you take in, consider loading up on kale.



If you get bored working out and need a change I have one word for you. Kickboxing. Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and whip yourself into shape in no time. Personally, I’ve had one chance to partake in a kickboxing class with my sister. It was probably the most exciting, tiring workout I’ve ever done and I wish I could do it so much more. It’s extremely exhilarating and tiring at the same time. It requires so much brain and muscle power.

Kickboxing can:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Boost confidence levels
  3. Improve coordination
  4. Burn mega calories
  5. Boost energy
  6. Wonderful cross-training
  7. Improve posture


Kickboxing can make you feel uncoordinated at times but that’s perfectly fine. Challenging yourself in new physical ways is what exercise is all about!